Intern Program


The Single Subject Intern Program provides an opportunity for qualified candidates to obtain an Intern Credential enabling them to teach as a “highly qualified” credentialed teacher in public school classrooms while simultaneously completing the requirements for the Preliminary Credential while at the same time the candidates are able to meet public school district staffing needs for teachers.

Those interested must complete a series of prerequisite course/CSETS and other requirements, obtain an offer for temporary or probationary employment to be approved by the Intern Director and secure approvals of the Subject Area Coordinator. The offer of employment may be for a part-time (in conjunction with student teaching, if offer is for one or two periods) or a full-time position. There are multiple entry points into the Intern Program. Regular, ongoing support and supervision are provided by a Mentor Teacher determined at the time of hire and the University Supervisor. A professional program plan is determined for the Intern while in the Intern Program.


Teacher Candidates must meet the following CTC and CSUF requirements in order to participate for the Intern Program:

  • Acceptance into the Single Subject Credential Program 
  • Approval of Subject Area Coordinator to participate in Intern Program, specific approval for the specific teaching position offered and identification of University Supervisor
  • Successful completion of the First Semester of the program and the Teaching Performance Assessment as appropriate.
  • Successful completion of Education Technology Requirement by course or examination  - EFFECTIVE MAY 12, 2015
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • Completion of a U.S. Constitution course or examination
  • Letter of job offer stating specific dates of hire and subject area for part-time or full-time employment  to be approved by Intern Coordinator and Credential Analyst.
  • Offer of Assignment with identification of Mentor signed by principal


  • The Intern Candidate will apply for an Intern Credential for the district of hire with the help of the CSUF Credential Preparation Center. 
  • As a school district employee, the Intern will be the teacher of record for assigned classes. At the time of hire, the teacher candidate and principal identify a mentor who will be immediately available to support the intern. The principal completes and signs an offer of assignment indicating who will be responsible for site mentoring and that the individual meets CTC requirements. Teacher Candidates in the Intern Program receive 72 hours (adjusted depending on date of entry) of on-site support and supervision shared between the on-site mentor and University supervisor. The Intern will submit monthly Activity Logs documenting Mentoring and University Supervision.
  • An orientation to the Intern Program is provided by the Intern Program Coordinator.  An Intern Program Plan is developed for the candidate.
  • A Mentor/Intern Training is held each semester to review expectations and responsibilities. In addition, the candidate completes an Intern Professional Development Plan.
  • Intern Candidates will receive University Supervision.  Site visits for classroom observations will be followed by a written assessment of classroom practice.
  • The Mentor and the University Supervisor will complete the TPE Level of Proficiency Evaluations for the Intern and submit them online through the Online Evaluation System.

Early Completion Intern Option

The CTC outlines the requirements for the Early Completion Intern OptionPDF File . If interested in this option, please review the requirements and then contact Dr. Maria Grant at