Long Term Substitute Policies

Initial discussion and approval for a long-term substitute teaching position should be negotiated with the Subject Area Coordinator, whose decision is final.  Teacher Candidates who accept a long-term substitute teaching position are NOT on an Intern Credential.  They are expected to meet all program requirements in a timely manner and may be considered for program removal, if any requirements are not met. All details below should be discussed prior to accepting the position. Supervision may continue with initial Supervisor or a new Supervisor may be assigned.

Some critical concerns:

  • Long-term substitute teacher candidates are expected to submit weekly lesson plans to their Subject Area Coordinator each Monday before 7:30 am (unless otherwise negotiated to be submitted earlier). This is true for both first and second semester long-term substitute teacher candidates.
  • Long-term substitute teacher candidates are expected to complete requirements of all university courses in a timely manner and understands that NO additional consideration will be granted.
  • Depending on the situation, long-term substitute teacher candidates who are removed from their long-term substitute teaching assignment earlier than noted on the approved application (see below) may be subject to program stop-out (delay of program completion) or even program removal.  
  • Long-term substitute teaching candidates should understand that this opportunity is a privilege that may be revoked if the candidate is not meeting program requirements.


Contact the SSCP Program Director for the Long Term Substitute Application. This application must be completed and submitted to the Subject Area Coordinator for approval.