Subject Area Coordinator (SAC) Job Description

Job Qualifications

All faculty teaching in the Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) must have the following qualifications:

  • MA or MS in education or related field
  • Public secondary school teaching experience
  • Ability to use technology (email, TITANium CMS, and SSCP Online Evaluation System) to effectively communicate with candidates, Mentor Teachers, and program faculty and staff; share lesson plan and classroom observation documents; and submit candidate evaluations
  • Committed to ongoing professional development to maintain currency in the field
  • Knowledge of CSUF Single Subject Credential Program requirements

Subject Area Coordinators (SAC) must also have specific qualifications as noted below.

  • Expertise in subject area disciplines and curriculum and instruction
  • Experience in diverse school settings
  • Knowledge of CCTC Teaching Performance Expectations
  • Knowledge of CA K-12 content standards for subject areas
  • Active in subject matter professional organizations
  • Experience supporting teacher candidates and/or new teachers (preferred)


The Subject Area Coordinator (SAC) is responsible for teacher candidate recruitment, preparation, support, and evaluation; University Supervisor and Master Teacher selection, support, and monitoring; and curriculum and program development and implementation.  This role is compensated with 3 units release per cohort.


Teacher Candidate Recruitment, Preparation, Support, and Evaluation

  1. Advises potential candidates on credential program requirements (face-to-face, phone, and email).
  2. Analyzes applicant files to determine if credential program admission requirements are met.
  3. Convenes admissions committee to conduct candidate interviews, conduct interviews, and make admissions decisions. Follows appropriate protocol for Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) admissions process. Submit admissions recommendations and rejections to Director of Admissions for processing.
  4. Confers with supervisors regarding candidate progress.
  5. Monitors candidate progress throughout program via reports, evaluations, and observations by MTs and supervisors (449E/449I) and 442/449S course progress. Reviews candidate evaluations via the SSCP Online Evaluation System.
  6. Intervenes, monitors, and supports candidates in danger of not succeeding.
  7. Establishes, monitors, and evaluates SSCP Teacher Candidate Improvement Plans as appropriate.
  8. Recommends candidates to SSCP Director for continuance in program and program completion.
  9. As Appropriate: Advises potential candidates on undergraduate SMPP requirement in subject areas.  Provides SMPP transcript evaluations.  Serves on SMPP committee.


University Supervisor and Master Teacher Selection, Support, and Monitoring

  1. Facilitates placement requests on Google Docs and recommend MTs to Single Subject Credential Program Director. Recommend new placements when district rejects initial request. Negotiate placements with districts - via Single Subject Credential Program Director for "in-district" and by SAC for others.
  2. Recommends to Academic Department Chair qualified new hires for University Supervisors (per qualifications outlined in the SSCP University Supervisor Job Description).
  3. Assigns teacher candidates to University Supervisors.
  4. Provides subject-specific supervisor training and conducts supervisor meetings as needed to meet program demands.
  5. Monitors University Supervisor performance according to responsibilities outlined in the SSCP University Supervisor Job Description.
  6. Communicates periodically with Master Teachers and University Supervisors on program requirements, university curriculum, important deadlines, and candidate progress.


Curriculum Development and Implementation

  1. Revises content of 442 and 449E, 449S, and 449I courses to align with accreditation and program currency, needs, and requirements. Assist academic department chair with 442/449S scheduling needs.
  2. As Appropriate: Develops, submits, responds to, and monitors CTC requirements for SMPP in subject area.


Program Administration Support

  1. Updates Single Subject Credential Program Director on candidate progress and status in the program.
  2. Responds in timely manner to Single Subject Credential Program Director and Accreditation Coordinator requests, including student and faculty data, course syllabi, vita, instructional materials, and other documentation.
  3. Creates and updates subject area program print and online resources for candidate recruitment and support.
  4. Participates in monthly Secondary Education Cooperative Teacher Education Program (SECTEP) Advisory Council meetings. Serves on SECTEP Advisory Council ad hoc and standing committees as appropriate.
  5. Serves as liaison between Academic Department and Department of Secondary Education.
  6. Represents Single Subject Credential Program in schools and districts.