Lesson Plan Policy

Candidates participate in 36 weeks of fieldwork in public schools with an emphasis on lesson planning and implementation, assessment, and classroom management. This is a standards based program with Common Core State Standards, California Content Standards and English Learner Development Standards addressed on each lesson plan.  The program includes an emphasis on the use of technology to support teaching and learning in 21st century earning environments. 

Program Policy dictates that candidates do not teach without a lesson plan.  See the complete text of the Lesson Plan Policy below

EDSC Lesson Plan Format

  • During their EDSC 440s class, candidates utilize the  EDSC Lesson Plan Template, which is used in EDSC 330 and 440S classes. 
  • Lesson Plans are assessed via the  EDSC Lesson Plan Scoring Guide.
  • Lesson plans should be responsive to the needs of students in the class. 

Other Lesson Plan Formats, Including  Subject-Specific Unit Plans

  • Teacher Candidates are allowed to use other lesson plan formats, including a district, school, or school department-approved format or subject-specific lesson plan formats recommended by their methods instructors.  
  • Teacher Candidates may also be required to develop lesson series or unit plans in their subject-specific methods class.

Weekly Lesson Plan Grid

  • As candidates become proficient in lesson planning, they are allowed to transition to a  Weekly Lesson Plans Grid.  


Lesson Plan Policy

  • First Semester:   Candidates are required to submit lesson plans as part of the assignments for their First Semester courses. They are required to demonstrate proficiency in daily lesson planning before they may continue to Second semester.
  • Second Semester:    Candidates are required to submit lesson plan in advance of their teaching. lessons plans are required to be submitted to the 449I instructor no later than the Monday of the week of instruction.
  • Use of a Lesson Plan When Teaching:     Candidates are not allowed to teach without a formal, written lesson plan.  Plans may be initiated by the Master Teacher or the candidate AND include all the required elements of the Department of Secondary Education Lesson Plan Format. Lesson plans should be available to the Master Teacher and/or University Supervisor prior to the lesson being taught.  The Teacher Candidate must provide the University Supervisor a copy of the lesson plan  at least 24 hours  in advance of the scheduled observation of a classroom practice.  Failure to plan and follow a lesson plan when teaching may result in the Teacher Candidate being removed from the Single Subject Credential Program