Adding Additional Subjects to a Credential

Adding a Single Subject Authorization to a Single or Multiple Subject Credential

 To add a single subject authorizationOpens in new window to your single or multiple subject credential, you need to do the following:

  1. Verify subject matter competency in the subject area of the single subject credential you are pursuing through completion of a Subject Matter Preparation ProgramOpens in new window  OR California Subject Exam for Teachers (CSETsOpens in new window ).
Adding Additional Subjects to a Credential
Subject Area CSET subtests required


140 & 141


105, 106, 107 & 108


Foundational Level

211 & 212

Full Mathematics

211, 212 & 213

World Languages (French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)

Languages other than English – for single subject credential (subtests I, II & III)

Music (Instrumental & Choral)

136, 137 & 138

Physical Education

129, 130 & 131

Social Science

114, 115 & 116


Foundational Level



215 & 217


215 & 218

Earth & Space Sciences

215 & 219


215 & 220


  1. Complete a subject-specific secondary methods course:

Advanced Methods of Teaching Foundational-Level Math*  – EDSC 542M (prerequisite for enrollment in class - passage of one CSET subtest in math or successful completion of one semester of college Calculus)

Advanced Methods for Teaching Science* - EDSC 542S (prerequisite for enrollment in class - passage of one CSET subtest in science or Minor in Natural Science)

All Other Subjects – CSUF does not currently offer subject-specific secondary methods courses in other subject areas. You will need to find and take a methods course at another university.

*These courses are only offered in summer.  Please contact Dr. Sangeetha Carmona ( for information on how to enroll.

*These courses may count toward the Masters of Science in Transformative Teaching in Secondary Education.Opens in new window

  1. Apply directly to the California Commission on Teacher CredentialingOpens in new window for the authorization to be added to your credential.