Adding Additional Subjects to a Credential

Adding a Single Subject Authorization to a Single or Multiple Subject Credential

 To add a single subject authorization to your single or multiple subject credential, you need to do the following ( File ):


  1. Verify subject matter competency in the subject area of the single subject credential you are pursuing through completion of a Subject Matter Preparation Program ( OR California Subject Exam for Teachers (


Subject Area                                                                                 CSET subtests required


140 & 141


105, 106, 107 & 108


Foundational Level

211 & 212

Full Mathematics

211, 212 & 213

World Languages (French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)

Languages other than English – for single subject credential (subtests I, II & III)

Music (Instrumental & Choral)

136, 137 & 138

Physical Education

129, 130 & 131

Social Science

114, 115 & 116


Foundational Level



215 & 217


215 & 218

Earth & Space Sciences

215 & 219


215 & 220



  1. Complete a subject-specific secondary methods course:

Advanced Methods of Teaching Foundational-Level Math – EDSC 542m (prerequisite for enrollment in class - passage of one CSET subtest in math or successful completion of one semester of college Calculus)

Advanced Methods for Teaching Science - EDSC 542s (prerequisite for enrollment in class - passage of one CSET subtest in science or Minor in Natural Science)

Advanced Methods for Teaching World Languages – EDSC 542F (prerequisite for enrollment in class – fluency in a world language)

All Other Subjects – CSUF does not currently offer subject-specific secondary methods courses in other subject areas. You will need to find and take a methods course at another university.


**These courses are only offered in summer.  Please contact Dr. Natalie Tran ( for information on how to enroll.

**These courses may count toward the Masters of Science in Secondary Education.


  1. Apply directly to the state for the authorization to be added to your credential ( File ).