Single Subject Credential Program

Program Director Job Description  


Job Qualifications

All faculty teaching in the Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) must have the following qualifications:

  • MA or MS in education or related field
  • Public secondary school teaching experience
  • Ability to use technology (email, TITANium CMS, and SSCP Online Evaluation System) to effectively communicate with candidates, Mentor Teachers, and program faculty and staff; share lesson plan and classroom observation documents; and submit candidate evaluations (including support MT evaluation submissions)
  • Committed to ongoing professional development to maintain currency in the field
  • Knowledge of CSUF Single Subject Credential Program requirements


The Single Subject Credential Program Director must also have specific qualifications as noted below.

  • Doctorate in education or related field.
  • Demonstrated capacity to provide faculty leadership
  • Knowledge of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Educator Preparation Program Standards (Common and Program)
  • Knowledge of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Intern Program requirements.


The Director of the Single Subject Credential Program coordinates the program and provides university-wide support for candidates, faculty, and staff involved in the Single Subject Credential Program.  This role is compensated with 6 units release per semester and a summer stipend.  The SSCP Director is housed in and reports to the Chair of the Department of Secondary Education. Responsibilities are as follows:


  1. Single Subject Credential Program Leadership and Coordination
    • Serves as program spokesperson.
    • Serves as liaison to participating departments in the program.
    • Serves as liaison to district and school sites of candidate placement.
    • Communicates with outside agencies, including CTC, NCATE, and the Office of the Chancellor through the Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Education.
    • Serves on the All-University Responsibility for Teacher Education Committee (AURTEC).
    • Assumes responsibility for program coordination and advisement during intersession and summer sessions.
    • Compiles and reports to SECTEP and for Accreditation on student enrollment, demographics, field placements, follow-up studies, and needs assessments.
    • Coordinates SSCP information materials (print and digital).
  2. Field Placements and Supervision
    • Responsible for field placement of Teacher Candidates according to SECTEP and district policies.
    • Communicates placement information to SACs and PDC Instructors.
    • Monitors Teacher Candidate contracts between school districts and the university.
    • Facilitates efforts of Supervision Coordinator (if appointed) and provides on-going assistance and training of Supervisors.
  1. Student Advisement, Support, Evaluation, and Certification
    • Monitors/updates the SSCP Online Evaluation System.
    • Confirms program completers to Credential Preparation Center.
    • Supports Subject Area Coordinator in candidate remediation and program removal decisions.
  1. Leadership for the Secondary Education Cooperative Teacher Education Program (SECTEP)
    • Serves as Chair of SECTEP.
    • Prepares agenda and presides over meetings of SECTEP.
    • Appoints ad hoc and standing committees. Serves on all standing committees.
    • Facilitates the development of new and alternative secondary teacher education programs.
    • Provides for program faculty development through retreats and training.
    • Provides curricular leadership to SECTEP.
    • Communicates with the Career Development Center on teacher supply and demand.
  1. Leadership for Intern Program
    • Acts as Intern Program Director (or appoints designee). See Intern Program Director for job description.
  1. Liaison to Department of Secondary Education
    • Attend EDSC Directors meetings.
    • Confers regularly with the Secondary Education Department Chair regarding constituent concerns, programmatic needs, and coordination activities.
    • Performs other program assignments as directed by the Department Chair, College Dean, and SECTEP Advisory Council.