Single Subject Credential Program

Director of Admissions Job Description  


Job Qualifications

All faculty teaching in the Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) must have the following qualifications:

  • MA or MS in education or related field
  • Public secondary school teaching experience
  • Ability to use technology (email, TITANium CMS, and SSCP Online Evaluation System) to effectively communicate with candidates, Mentor Teachers, and program faculty and staff; share lesson plan and classroom observation documents; and submit candidate evaluations (including support MT evaluation submissions)
  • Committed to ongoing professional development to maintain currency in the field
  • Knowledge of CSUF Single Subject Credential Program requirements

The Director of Admissions must also have specific qualifications as noted below.

  • Knowledge of University post-baccalaureate application process
  • Knowledge of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Educator Preparation Program Standards (Common and Program)
  • Knowledge of CTC Subject Matter Preparation Program Standards


The Director of Admissions to the Single Subject Credential Program provides university-wide support for the recruitment, advisement, and application process for students applying to the Single Subject Credential Program.  This role is a 12 month part-time appointment with 6 units release per semester.  The Director of Admissions is housed in and reports to the Chair of the Department of Secondary Education. Responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Recruitment and Advisement of Students
    • Oversees monthly face-to-face advisement sessions.
    • Updates and maintains web-based program overview and admission requirements presentation.
    • Updates and maintains Single Subject Credential Program admissions web pages and documents.
    • Updates and maintains Single Subject Credential Program admission print materials, including application requirements and program flyers.
    • Holds walk-in office hours two days a week, and office hours by appointment one day a week.
    • Schedules advisement appointments for potential teacher candidates.
    • Responds to program questions in-person as well as through email, phone and other digital communications.
    • Responds to faculty questions regarding admission requirements.
    • Provides initial undergraduate advisement on prerequisite course requirements.
    • Provides initial Subject Matter Preparation Program advisement and refers students to Subject Area Coordinators.
    • Works with Director of the Center for Careers in Teaching in recruitment and advisement matters.
    • Works as liaison between SSCP and community college Teacher Education Programs to maintain currency on admission and SMPP requirements.
    • Generates flyers to keep candidates informed of prerequisite course offerings during Intersession, Summer and through University Extended Education.
  2. Application Process
    • Reviews post-baccalaureate applications to the university with the major Education (credential only), makes initial program admission decision, and completes electronic graduate recommendation form to the Graduate Division of Admissions and Records.
    • Troubleshoots student admission issues with the Graduate Division of Admissions and Records.
    • Makes exceptional admits for students who do not meet GPA requirements.
    • Updates and maintains application materials for the SSCP, including prerequisite admission contracts, program application, faculty letter of recommendation form, and admission checklist.
    • Monitors application process and collection of application documents for all applicants.
    • Works with SSCP Admissions Assistant to ensure all admission requirements are met and documented before program commencement.
    • Forwards completed application files to Subject Area Coordinators for admission decisions.
  3. Program Admission
    • Receives admission decisions from Subject Area Coordinators.
    • Provides list of accepted, deferred, and rejected applicants to SSCP Director.
    • Provides list of accepted, deferred, and rejected applicants to Admissions Assistant for coding in database.
    • Corresponds with applicants regarding status of file and admissions decisions.
    • Assists the Director of the Single Subject Credential Program in student appeals of admission decisions.
    • Monitors yearly admissions data for program analysis.
  4. Student Pre-Orientation
    • Hosts pre-orientation for incoming candidates
    • Provides list of program courses for registration.
    • Updates web-based pre-orientation materials.
    • Provides individual consultation with students as needed.
  5. Additional Responsibilities
    • Performs other assignments as the Director, Department Chair, and SECTEP actions may dictate.
    • Works with the chair of the department of Secondary Education to improve program recruitment and admissions.
    • Works with university departments to promote Teacher Education.