Urban Learning - About Us

Urban Learning - About Us


B.A. in Urban Learning

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The Urban Learning Major is housed in the College of Education and is the first undergraduate major in the College.  The College of Education is made up of award-winning faculty who are former teachers, community college faculty, and administrators.  We work in and with the community to bring about positive change.

The Director of the Program is Dr. Calli Lewis Chiu

The advisory board oversees the program and is made up of faculty and staff from the College, including:

·       Dr. Calli Lewis Chiu (Special Education)

·       Dr. Mark Ellis (Secondary Education)

·       Dr. Julián Jefferies (Literacy and Reading)

·       Dr. Abigail Amoako Kayser (Elementary and Bilingual Education)

·       Dr. Lisa Kirtman (Dean, College of Education)

·       Dr. Rosalinda Larios (Special Education)

·       Dr. Kira Leekeenan (Secondary Education)

·       Aimee Nelson (Director, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching)

·       Jennifer Robles (Advisor, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Career in Teaching)

·       Dr. Fernando Rodríguez-Valls (Secondary Education)

·       Dr. Michelle Soto-Peña (Elementary and Bilingual Education)

·       Dr. Gavin Tierney (Secondary Education)

·       Dr. Nancy Watkins (Educational Leadership)