Advising:  The Center (EC-379) is closed for in-person services until further notice due to COVID-19. However, our advisors continue to provide academic advising through Zoom.  To make an appointment with one of our Academic Advisors, please visit our How to Make an Appointment page.  Students are encouraged to connect with us on Instagram for addtional resources and up-to-date information: @csuf_cct, @csuf_tft@mce_csuf  

TK-12 Education Trailer Bill (AB 130): Governor Newsom recently signed AB130 creating additional pathways for aspiring teachers to demonstrate they have met the Subject Matter and Basic Skills Requirements to begin a teacher preparation program (in lieu of taking the CBEST or CSET exams). To learn more about these changes attend one of our Student forums.  Dates, times and locations can be found at @csuf_cct.

Credential Program Applications:  SPRING 2022: Credential applications opened August 1, 2021. Check program department webpages for application deadlines. For Spring 2022, the subject matter competency and basic skills requirements will be waived for admission purposes.  Applicants who are admitted without these requirements will still need to complete them in order to receive the preliminary teaching credential (even if the entire credential program is completed).  For Spring 2022, applicants must now complete an additional Ethnic Studies prerequisite for admission to the program. For more details please review our Ethnic Studies Requirement page. For applicants who took the EDEL 315, EDSC 310 or SPED 425 course (or the equivalent) in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021, the 45 hour fieldwork requirement is waived for admission purposes. If fieldwork hours were not completed when the course was taken, those hours will have to be completed during the credential program.

Credential Program Applications: FALL 2022 or later: At this time, the subject matter competency and basic skills requirements are NOT waived for admission purposes for fall 2022 or later. All application requirements must be met by the application deadlines in order to be considered for these terms.


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Advising during office closures...

The Center (EC-379) will be temporarily closed until further notice. However, we will be assisting students by phone or email and advisors will provide virtual advising for all students. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our Advisors please refer to our How To Make An Appointment page

To make an appointment with our Career Specialist please click here to make an appointment.

Students who already have a bachelor's degree should refer to our Credential Programs page for advising.

For up-to-date announcements regarding COVID-19, visit the CSUF Covid-19 website.