Community Engagement 


Making an Impact in the Community and the Classroom


Centers focusing on Community Engagement

  • NRCAL-The National Resource Center for Asian Languages (NRCAL) at
    is one of 16 Language Resource Centers in the nation funded by the U.S.
    Department of Education to improve the nation's capacity for teaching
    and learning of Asian languages including: Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese,
    Japanese, and Khmer. Over the past year, NRCAL has served over 2,000
    PreK-16 students and more than 400 preK-12 bilingual teachers participated in professional development trainings nation-wide (grant funded).
  • SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Creativity and Critical
    Thinking offers free professional development over 200 teachers in the
    field (synchronous) countless other number with the posted of recorded
    webinars per year.
  • CCT- SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching
    has students who participate in our undergraduate programs: Titan
    Future Teachers (TFT) and Men of Color in Education (MCE), graduate
    a ½ year early than their counterparts serving 45 majors and representing
    an average of 900 students per year.


Impactful Programs

  • High School Equivalency Program (HEP)- This education program
    serves students from Migrant and a seasonal farmworker family to help
    them attain a high school equivalency certification and continue to
    postsecondary education. Since it began in 2015 it has served 340
    eligible agricultural workers and immediate dependents at five different
    community-based sites (2 in Coachella Valley, 1 in Ontario, 1 in
    Anaheim/Santa Ana, 1 in Fallbrook/Vista) with 266 receiving high
    school equivalency. Over the next 5 years, the program is on track to
    serve another 400 participants.
  • Summer Language Academy-Since its 2016 inception the program has served 1097 students across 4 districts, and engaged more than 120 pre and in-service educators in professional learning related to radically inclusive teaching with newcomer and emergent plurilingual students. 
  • Projects ELICT and AMIELA-These initiatives aim to foster
    plurilingualism in the student body of CSUF by partnering bilingual
    professors with bilingual students in their discipline to collaborate on a
    lesson plan delivered in a language other than English as well as
    promoting it in k12 schools. Last year, over 70 students and 20 faculty
    participated in the programs.

Inclusive Faculty smile for a picture

Vivian Chang high-fives students

teachers gather for an award

The National Resource Center for Asian Languages

Mark Bibian gives a presentation

Ainara Johnson teaches a group of students

High School Equivalency Program