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Welcome to the Teacher Induction Resources

Teacher Induction Program text with teacher working with students on a whiteboard

Teacher Induction Program

Thank you for your interest in the California State University Fullerton’s Induction Program. The CSUF Induction Program supports teachers with preliminary California Credentials through a guided induction experience designed to increase their pedagogical knowledge and application to practice. Completion of the induction program culminates in a recommendation for CA clear credential for the teacher inductee.

CSUF Teacher Induction Program Overview

The CSUF Teacher Induction Program offers a two-year commission-approved program to teachers seeking to clear their preliminary credential. California Teacher Induction is a state-led program in conjunction with the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Commission on Teacher Credentialling (CTC). The internet of the CSUF Teacher Induction Program is that it begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching.

CSUF Teacher Induction Program is offered to all the following credential holders:

  • Ed Specialist
  • Multiple Subject
  • Single Subject

Program Length

  • Two years traditional (four semesters)
  • Early Completion Option (ECO) one year (summer bootcamp, fall and spring semester)

Candidate and Mentor Matches

The CSUF Teacher Induction Program identifies and helps assign an induction mentor to each eligible inductee within the first 30 days of the participants’ enrollment in the program. School administrators are encouraged to find an eligible match at the school or within the local education agency (LEA). Induction matches are determined based on the credentials held by the candidate and mentor, same grade level/or subject area, or education specialist authorization. Every effort is made to match candidates and mentors at the same site.