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Teachers and mentor teachers

About the Program

This online program is designed for teachers in their first year of the profession. The program helps you meet the updated California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements for earning a Clear Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist Credential.

This online program lets you clear your teaching credential in 1–2 years and meets California’s latest requirements for teacher credentialing.

You will work with faculty and mentors who are experienced K-12 educators. Your course faculty are experienced online educators who are will be active, engaged, and available as they help you successfully clear your credential. 

Do you want more information? Visit the Induction Candidate page.

Interested in learning about the faculty who teach in the program? Visit the faculty bio page.

Questions about courses/program, faculty, or mentors?

Please contact Dr. Loretta Donovan, Program Coordinator (email link below)

Loretta Donovan

To find out more about Dr. Donovan, you can read about her teaching experience and involvement in the Teacher Induction Program.

Questions about costs, start dates, and registration?

Please contact extensions program (click on image below)

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You can find answers to frequently asked questions by visiting the Extension and International Programs' FAQ webpage.