The Research Development Officer

The Dean has invested resources to employ an RDO to help faculty in the College of Education with navigating the research process to make “Administering Research” more manageable.

The RDO has a dual function: one part, supporting College of Education faculty with developing and submitting competitive proposals, and the second part, supporting the Office of Research Development (ORD) with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects with improving the research culture on campus.

The Dean requires ALL proposals to be reviewed by the RDO prior to submission to OGC (even if faculty do not require assistance with developing the proposal)

RDO Support Services

  • Grow the College of Ed’s pipeline of Researchers (Quality Grant writers)
  • Assist faculty with developing their Research Strategy (align research with RTP goals)
  • Refine research project ideas
  • Find funding opportunities to match concepts
  • Review RFPs to ensure eligibility
  • Partnership building both internally and externally
  • Narrative editing
  • Assist with obtaining approvals
  • Assist with budget development/narrative alignment
  • Navigate the timeline procedure
  • Navigate submissions through Grants and Contracts
  • Collect RFP documents and letters of support
  • Checklists of required documents

What the RDO does not do

  • Write the narrative for you
  • Work with donors
  • Develop your concept
  • Literature review
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Post award management

Schedule a meeting with the RDO

The point of contact for all things COE Research-related is the Research Development Specialist, contact Dr. Kristina Rigden.