The approval process involves many entities, including a number of University departments. The development of a competitive proposal is timely and includes multiple steps, processes, and timelines that help ensure authorized representatives have an adequate amount of time to do their jobs.  Review the details below:

The Proposal Submission Timeline

  • Start of Semester

    • Research Pre-Planning
    • Dev Research Strategy
  • 30 Days Out

    • PI Notifies RGS
      • Email RGS
        • Link to RFP
        • Concept Paper
        • Budget Estimate
        • Obtain Chair Approval
  • 25 Days Out

    • Checklist/ Timeline
  • 14 Days Out

    • Routing Begins
      • Near Final Narrative
      • Final Budget
      • Subaward Docs
  • 7 Days Out

    • PI Submits Final Docs
  • 2 Days Prior to Deadline

    • Proposal Submitted

The Proposal Submission Process


Refine Research

Refine Research


Meet with RGS

Develop 1-pg Concept Paper

  • Research aligns with COE Mission
  • Program Design
    • Measurable Goals
    • Actionable Objectives
  • Budget
    • Key Personnel
      • Faculty (on campus)
      • students 
    • subawards (off campus faculty)
    • consultants

Obtain Dean Approval


Identify Funding Sources

Identify Funding Sources

RGS Research/Identify Funding Sources

Faculty select best match

  • Develop timeline

Obtain UA Clearance for Foundations

  • Notify OGC
    • Develop Budget
    • Develop Timeline Checklist
      • Narrative edits

PI Obtains Chair Approval

  • RGS secures letters of support
  • OGC obtains subaward docs

PI Finalizes Documents

  • Narrative
  • Budget


Submit Proposal

Submit Proposal


PI Completes CAYUSE to start Routing

  • Requires near final narrative & final budget

Must route at least 7 days prior to submission date

Obtain University-wide Approvals

  • Submit Proposal
    • 2-5 days before deadline
  • PI
    • Foundation Portal
  • OGC
    • Foundation/Government

The Proposal Submission Timeline Policy

1. As soon as a decision is made to pursue a grant or contract opportunity, but no later than four (4) weeks prior to deadline.

If a proposal or contract requires signature by President allow ten (10) business days in addition to the internal deadline schedule or if it involves cost-sharing, subcontracts and other additional requirements, please allow approximately five (5) business days in addition to the internal deadline schedule

    1. PI Contacts the RGS about a Request for Proposals (RFP), contract agreement, or invitation to submit a proposal. 
    2. Within three (3) business days of PI’s notice, OGC reviews the relevant guidelines, prepares a checklist of all required documents other supporting information, and identifies target deadlines.
    3. PI notifies Department Chair and Dean of his/her intent to submit a proposal, with a cc: to the OGC Coordinator assigned to his/her college.

2. Twenty-Five (25) business days prior to submission deadline

    1. PI, RGS and OGC prepare and/or review initial budget and draft narrative.
    2. PI informs his/her College Business Officer of budgetary details.

3. Fourteen (14) business days prior to sponsor deadline

    1. PI submits to OGC near final narrative and completed routing form.
    2. PI and OGC finalize the budget.

4. Ten (10) business days prior to sponsor deadline

    1. PI submits all required documents to OGC. For example: Abstract, Final Proposal Narrative/Project Description, GEPA Statement, Biographical Sketch, etc.
    2. Any residual issues identified by OGC are resolved by PI and OGC.
    3. OGC initiates Cayuse routing of proposal

5. Seven (7) business days prior to sponsor deadline

    1. Internal routing via Cayuse is completed.
    2. OGC completes and uploads all required Documents and supporting information.
    3. OGC conducts final review of the complete Application Package

6. Two (2) full business day prior to sponsor deadline

    1. OGC submits complete and validated Application Package.

NOTE: For hardcopy submission, an additional day is required. For example, if the deadline provided by agency is July 1 receipt date, the proposal must be express mailed by OGC no later than June 29 at 1:00 pm, for receipt by sponsor on June 30.