Honor an Educator Awards

Congratulations to the honorees and thanks to nominators for their generous support of the College of Education.


2017 Distinguished Award Recipients



Bosworth, Heather - 2017 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award


Hiatt, Leslie - 2017 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award


Teacher Created Materials - 2017 Distinguished Education Community Partner Award


Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District - 2017 Distinguished Education Excellence Award


Bissell, Dr. Joan - 2017 Distinguished Education Leadership Award


Crellin, Kristin S. - 2017 Distinguished Education Partner Award


Alonzo, Dr. Teresa

Dr. Alonzo has been the principal of Suva Intermediate School in Montebello Unified School District since 2012 and an educator since 1994. She has developed incredible intervention programs for her students including the Zero Fail program which has resulted in grade point average gains for over 200 students. She has formed partnerships with community groups to develop parent education courses in technology as well as the implementation of a community vegetable garden. She has several publications which focus on closing the achievement gap and supporting women in school leadership positions. Dr. Alonzo is a role model in her district for leadership in education and is being honored tonight for her especially unique and supportive relationship with the students at her school.

Honored by Dr. Melinda Pierson


Bartle Angus, Kathryn

Kathi Bartle Angus has been a vital faculty member of the Department of Literacy and Reading Education for the last 35 years. Her passion for literacy education has benefited the department through the creation of new courses, stewardship of the Hazel Miller Croy Reading Center, support of key community partnerships, and mentorship of new faculty.

Honored by Dr. Erica Bowers, Dr. Rosario Ordonez-Jasis, Dr. Ashley Bishop, and Dr. JoAnn Carter-Wells


Bush, Teresa

Mrs. Bush has taught for over 22 years, been married for 25, and has two beautiful daughters. She graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science in Art, and from Cal State Fullerton with a Master of Arts in Spanish.  She then received her Visually Impaired credential and an Orientation & Mobility credential from Cal State LA.  For 20-years she has taught the visually impaired, and for the last two as an Orientation and Mobility teacher.  And this is where her impact on students and families is the greatest.  One of her most satisfying experiences as a teacher was assisting three of her blind students to attend UCLA.  Teresa brings the enthusiasm, and a smile, for her students, as well as to their families.  It is an honor to recognize Teresa as an educator that has made an impact on our family’s life.

Honored by Larry and Theresa Rovira


Cole, Michelle

Encouraging a child with dyslexia to excel in reading and writing is no small feat. To help that child achieve honor roll, compose and edit his own papers on a computer, and leave his time with her feeling more confident than ever is true talent and commitment. Michelle Cole has made an immense difference in our son’s life and is an Educator of Honor in both our home and hearts. She has worked with our oldest son for the past two and a half years and has truly been his advocate, helping his classroom teachers see his commitment and talents. And she’s been a huge support for us, dispensing suggestions, support and even hugs when they were most needed in our journey. We are so grateful for her and are excited to honor her as a standout teacher and all around wonderful person. Thank you Mrs. Cole!

Honored by Richard and Jennifer Leuer Ramus


Currie, Dr. Ding-Jo

Dr. Ding-Jo Currie is the Distinguished Lecturer for the community college specialization of the Doctor of Educational Leadership Program. Prior to coming to Cal State Fullerton, she served as the Chancellor of the Orange Coast Community College District. Dr. Currie is an excellent teacher with a strong commitment to both global education and an educational approach that directly connects classroom learning with field-based student experiences.

Honored by CSUF Department of Educational Leadership


Donaldson, Sonia

There was no question in our son’s mind that Mrs. Donaldson had to be his sixth grade teacher. Why? Because she gets him. The gift she possesses, though, is she ‘gets’ all her kids. And that’s the wonderful quality that Sonia Donaldson brings to her teaching craft. She knows how to motivate them, support them, hold them accountable and prepare them (and their parents!) to successfully navigate the rough and tumble transition into junior high. She has helped our son organize himself, complete his homework independently every day(!) for the first time, and get back to loving school after a rough couple of years. We are so grateful to Mrs. Donaldson for instilling independence and confidence in our son.

Honored by Richard and Jennifer Leuer Ramus


Dorfmann, Victoria

Mrs. Victoria Dorfmann more affectionately knows as Mrs. V has been an educator for the beauty and wellness industry for over 20 years. She has a passion to help the students with her amazing energy, love and desire to make a difference. Mrs. V is beloved by not only her thousands of students over the years but for how big a heart she has in caring for each of their success. Advance Beauty College both in Garden Grove and Laguna Hills has been her home away from home where she continues to make a difference. She is truly deserving to be honored as an educator for her decades of service to the teaching profession.

Honored by Tam Nguyen and Advance Beauty College: Linh Nguyen, Suzette Chrisian Marchetti, Linda Kreh, Christine Nguyen, Natalie Cheitel and Fellow Educators and Students


Gomez, Kathy

Kathy Gomez is a Curriculum Specialist for State School Readiness at the Santa Ana Unified School District.  In her role with the District’s Early Childhood Education Department her efforts ensure that children enter kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed.  This is accomplished through high quality preschool programs and support services in partnership with California Department of Education, Children and Families Commission of Orange County, Title I and other partners in the community. Kathy we salute your amazing commitment to all students in your district.

Honored by Teacher Created Materials and Rachelle Cracchiolo


Greenbaum, Jo Anne

JoAnne Greenbaum has been a dedicated faculty member of the Department of Literacy and Reading Education since 1995. In addition to demonstrating excellence in teaching, JoAnne has directed the Post-Secondary Reading and Learning Certificate Program and presented her scholarship at several conferences.

Honored by Dr. Erica Bowers, Dr. Rosario Ordonez-Jasis, Dr. Ashley Bishop, and Dr. JoAnn Carter-Wells


Hancock, Dr. Deborah O.

Dr. Deborah (Debbie) Hancock has been a leader and scholar in the field of reading education. Her work has benefitted thousands of teachers and students. She served 10 years as an elementary and secondary school teacher, 10 years as professor and chair of the Reading Department at Cal State Fullerton, and became the first woman Dean of Education in the system at CSU Bakersfield. She has also been the statewide director of the California Academic Partnership Program at CSU headquarters.

Honored by David Reid


Haydel-Lewis, Dianne

Dianne Haydel-Lewis has been a dedicated educator for the Oakland Unified School District for 29 years. In her years with the district, she started as a classroom teacher and worked her way up to becoming the site administrator for the Child Development Center. In both positions, she has educated and inspired thousands of children that were often marginalized as underachievers and unable to succeed. To the core of who she is as an educator, she truly believes all students can learn and creates opportunities for success for every student through the use of innovative instructional strategies. Throughout her career, she has maintained an exceptional level of dedication and commitment to excellence in all she does. As an educator myself, I learned from her that commitment matters, heart matters, but most importantly that students matter. These are principles that I still follow in everything I do.  As my mother, she was my first and best teacher and the reason I understand the importance of what it means to be an educator that makes a difference.

Honored by Dr. Lisa Kirtman


Hoese, Dr. William

Dr. William ‘Bill’ Hoese, Professor of Biological Science, received his Ph.D. from Duke University and his M.S. and B.A. from Stanford University. Bill has led efforts in curriculum design, high impact practices, and assessment that enhance student learning and develop their interest in and preparation for biological careers. Bill has had a tremendous impact on our students through the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Southern California Ecosystems Research Program (SCERP). SCERP has immersed our students in faculty-mentored research and enabled them to successfully pursue careers in science, thus impacting the scientific workforce by developing leaders among our diverse student population. He has mentored more than 70 students who have participated in this program. Bill’s work in the classroom has been recognized by several CSUF awards, including the 2015 Carol Barnes Excellence in Teaching Award, the highest recognition for teaching on our campus, two College level awards for Outstanding Teaching, and an Associated Students Outstanding Educator of the Year award. In addition, he has received several intramural and NSF grants to support his science education research, presented and published his research, and played a role in national and regional groups focused on transforming biology teaching education and assessment, including the Partnership for Life Science Education (PULSE), the National Academies of Science, Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), and the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Educational Council.

Honored by Dr. Marie Johnson, Dr. Sean Walker and CSUF College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Jenkins, Dr. Matthew

Dr. Jenkins received his doctoral degree in Veterinary medicine from Tuskegee University. Through the Matthew and Roberta Jenkins Family Foundation, he and his wife have supported education for decades including: National scholarships for African-American students, the Claremont Long Beach Math Collaborative and Drucker-Ito Management School Fellowships. Dr. Jenkins has served on the Board of Trustees and as Interim President of Tuskegee University. He is a paragon of service and giving back.

Honored by Dr. Jerome and Adleane Hunter


Kristiansen, Terry

Terry’s teaching career began in 1969 with a Catholic School 3rd   grade class. She then moved to the public school system in La Habra and later joined a team-teaching demonstration school in Placentia. In the meantime, she was earning her M.S. in Reading at Cal State Fullerton. Family circumstances led her to San Francisco where she found that knowledge and skills learned as a teacher provided excellent insights into instruction, organization, and management in the business world. Back in Southern California, she joined Toshiba Corporation and for twenty years served as their specialist for training sales representatives throughout Latin America to leading the sales learning and development group. In 2013, her career took one more turn. Now with The Capital Group, her current title is Vice President of Sales Force Development. Terry will be the first to declare that her many successes in business have always come from applying concepts originally learned as a classroom teacher!

Honored by Dr. Greta Nagel and Pat Irot


Levine, Dr. Joan

Dr. Levine has been a valuable member of the Department of Special Education for over 20 years. She has been involved with numerous community organizations, taught a wide variety of classes successfully, and was the faculty advisor of our student club for 12 years. Although she is retiring, we are happy that she plans to remain involved with the department as her diligence and hard work are extremely appreciated!

Honored by Dr. Melinda Pierson, Dr. Barbara Glaeser, Dr. Janice Myck-Wayne, Dr. Debra Cote, Dr. Vita Jones, and Dr. Adrian Jung


Lovett, Gena

Gena Lovett has been an indispensable member of the Department of Literacy and Reading Education since 2002. She has contributed to the critical thinking education of hundreds of undergraduates and built a solid pedagogy of those who will teach adult literacy.

Honored by Dr. Erica Bowers, Dr. Rosario Ordonez-Jasis, Dr. Ashley Bishop, and Dr. JoAnn Carter-Wells


Lundberg, Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol Lundberg seeks no recognition, but C-REAL (Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership) would like to take the opportunity to recognize her remarkable work and exceptional leadership. Dr. Lundberg has displayed unwavering support for C-REAL, providing her expert opinion on research matters, especially pertaining to the IRB application process. She is an outstanding professional, teacher, colleague, and mentor. We love you, Dr. Lundberg, and you will always be a C-REALer in our hearts!

Honored by the Students of the Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership


Malek, Tabby

Ms. Malek is a caring educator who is also very intuitive about what the children’s needs are. She greets the children in the morning with a handshake and puts them at ease as they arrive to the classroom. Ms. Malek also has great rapport with parents, often keeping them informed of the child’s progress. Thank you for your care, dedication, and commitment to our children.

Honored by Dr. Natalie Tran


O’Neill, Lindsay

Ms. O’Neill is an innovative faculty member who is always engaging curriculum and cares about her students. She is new to teaching, yet teaches like a veteran!

Honored by Dr. Cynthia Gautreau


Oliver, Dr. Ronald

Dr. Ron Oliver is a Professor of Educational Leadership at Cal State Fullerton and a form Assistant Superintendent in the East Whittier School District. His is an exceptional teacher. He consistently earned student evaluations that ran at or near the top of those within the Department of Educational Leadership, and alumni frequently note how they draw upon lessons from their “Oliver classes” in their practice as educational administrators throughout the region.

Honored by CSUF Department of Educational Leadership and Dr. Lisa Kirtman


 Ottesen, Robin 

Robin Ottesen is a speech language pathologist and clinic director for the Cal State Fullerton Center of Children Who Stutter. Together with Cal State Students and Delta Zeta, they started the National Stuttering Association chapter to provide opportunities to build self-confidence and explore ways to cope with stuttering within a safe environment. Faculty, students, and community members who stutter, as well as those who support them, are welcome. “If you stutter, you are not alone.”

Honored by Dr. Martin and Nancy Bonsangue


Pang, Rosemary

Rosemary Pang is a highly respected educator of 2nd grade students at Van Buren Elementary in the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District. Parents, colleagues, and students hold her in high esteem for her high quality instructional practices that include research-based strategies, positive behavior supports, and consistent parent-teacher communication. Furthermore, she is a strong advocate for her students, treating them with the utmost respect who goes above and beyond to ensure they thrive academically and social-emotionally. Thank you, Mrs. Pang, for your inspiring contributions to education!

Honored by Dr. Erica and Keira Howell


Puthran, Pooja

As the head teacher of the Primary grade, Ms. Puthran works with 3, 4, and 5 year-olds. Ms. Puthran is very passionate about guiding children to their fullest potential, and this is evident in her classroom where children work independently to foster their natural growth and development. As a parent, Dr. Tran is grateful knowing that her child is being cared by this wonderful educator!

Honored by Dr. Natalie Tran


Robin Ottesen

Robin Ottesen is a speech language pathologist and clinic director for the Cal State Fullerton Center of Children Who Stutter. Together with Cal State Students and Delta Zeta, they started the National Stuttering Association chapter to provide opportunities to build self-confidence and explore ways to cope with stuttering within a safe environment. Faculty, students, and community members who stutter, as well as those who support them, are welcome. “If you stutter, you are not alone.”

Honored by Dr. Martin and Nancy Bonsangue


Zener, Dr. Karl

Since completing his Ed.D. at Cal State Fullerton and assuming the role of principal, Dr. Karl Zener has provided exemplary leadership to La Habra High School. Using a distributed leadership approach, he has built a strong leadership team that has implemented a series of programs aimed at closing the opportunity gap and increasing the achievement of high academic outcomes for all students.

Honored by Drs. Joy and John Hoffman