Honor an Educator Awards

Congratulations to the honorees and thanks to nominators for their generous support of the College of Education.


2006 Distinguished Award Recipients



Bailey, Teri

English teacher at Esperanza High School, Anaheim

“Teri Bailey is currently an English teacher at Esperanza High School in Anaheim, but she was my favorite English teacher at Bernardo Yorba Middle School in Yorba Linda in the 1980s!  Her enthusiasm for literature, encouragement of ALL of her students, and genuine caring that she offered on a daily basis were extraordinary.  She truly was and is a model teacher and one whom I am proud to say inspired my teaching career.  Many lives continue to be touched by Mrs. Bailey.”
~  Dr. Melinda Pierson ~


Barry, Sandra

Superintendent of the Anaheim City School District

Sandra Barry is the Superintendent of the Anaheim City School District. Her leadership encourages and promotes creative thinking from teachers, support personal, school site administrators and district level employees. Sandra has received a variety of honors for her volunteerism including: City of Buena Park Woman of Achievement Award for her working with drug prevention programs, and the Athena Volunteer of the Year Award for service to the community in Central Orange County. Additionally, Sandra has served in various capacities for the following organizations: Children and Families Commission of Orange County, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Anaheim Achieves After School Programs, and the Anaheim Family YMCA.
~Dr. Katherine Bihr~


Bell, Ed

Ed Bell teaches the sheltered sections of 7th grade Life Science, and was nominated for the Amgen Science Award.  His classes are so enticing that students rush to get to class early and don’t want to leave when class is over!  During class, his instruction is so engaging that administrators often find it difficult to tear themselves away after a lesson observation.
~Dr. Julie Chan~


Bierne, Anne

Anne Bierne is a dear friend who currently teaches in Jr. High in Irvine; also an ESL Teacher.
~Dr. Marsha Link~


Bishop, Chad

High school English teacher at The Bishop's School.

Chad is being honored for his dedication to guiding students to understand and appreciate our written language and its history and his special focus to lead students to be creative and critical thinkers and writers and to fully value the worth of such skills.   
~Dr. Ashley Bishop~


Bishop, Sue

Retired resource specialist in the Irvine Unified School District.

She is being honored for her deep compassion for special need students and their families, her dedication to constantly enriching her knowledge and skills, and her truly collaborative approach to structuring the best possible instructional environments to enhance student learning.
~Dr. Ashley Bishop~


Blankinship, Bill

Retired Administrator

“I am honoring my dad for his guiding influence in my life and career as an educator.  I am grateful for having inherited his analytical abilities and hope that I develop the same servant’s heart as he has exhibited in over 35 years of educational leadership."
~Julie Hatchel~


Blankinship, Judy

“I am honoring my mom, and mentor, for being an incredible source of inspiration in my personal life and career.  It is my hope that I will have the same educational influence as a principal as he has had, serving in the profession for over 30 years.”
~Julie Hatchel~


Bob Fisler

“What makes   Bob Fisler so special? It’s his love of science and children participation. He used to come to my school with two bags of snakes! It was autumn and snakes get sluggish this time of year. The children made a circle, sat down, and made a fence with their hands. Bob would step to the middle, with the two sacks and they would roll out. Bob had prepared the children and hey enjoyed observing real snakes up close. Later, he would hold a snake so children could feel his shin. They didn’t want him to leave, but the bell had rung. Bob has served on Fullerton’s School Board, the longest of any school board member in California. And a brand new school was named after him here in Fullerton! We need more Bob Fislers in this world!”
~Peggy Hammer~


Bolinger, Kay

A dear friend who started her career as a Psychology Education teacher.
~Dr. Marsha Link~


Boots, Sharilyn

“My niece who teaches business to High School students.”
~Dr. Marsha Link~


Bradley, Ann

Received master’s degree in Educational Administration at Cal State Fullerton.

Currently Ann is completing her doctorate in Organizational Leadership at the University of LaVerne, where she has taught in the Administrative Credential program. With teaching experience at both the elementary and secondary levels, Ann has served as an elementary school principal in both West Covina and Claremont schools. Of particular interest is her work with the Los Angeles County Office of Education where she designed and directed a principal coaching/mentoring program. In addition, she worked with 70 schools in the district's Applied Research Program, providing training and support for implementing research findings into a standards-based instructional program in Reading/Language Arts and Math
~Dr. Debbie Hancock~


Bragalone, Todd

An outstanding mathematics teacher and has also served as the department chair for the mathematics department.  He has been a valuable team member in working with other District math teachers in developing content standards and common assessments for a variety of mathematics courses.  Todd has served as a master teacher for student teachers and as a support provider for beginning teachers as a part of the District’s Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program.  Todd serves as the site coordinator for the BTSA program and has also conducted workshops for beginning teachers.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Burton, Corinne

An excellent teacher.  She is intelligent, kind, thoughtful, creative and truly loves working with kids.  She is well respected by all her work with her.
~Rachelle Cracchiolo~


Calderon Garcia, Shirley

She is committed to making her classroom a place where students feel safe as well as creating an environment that provides joy, learning and social cooperation.  Shirley recognizes that all children learn differently and at a different pace.  For that reason, she uses a variety of strategies and techniques to promote individual development.  She continuously works to improve her own teaching skills and keeps up with current research and trends in education.
~ Maria Duran Smith~


Clarke, Lee

An outstanding mathematics teacher who is a strong advocate for all students, regardless of learning style or special need.  He teaches a broad range of courses that support an equally broad range of students.  He has recently begun to teach the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Mathematics Preparation course.  This is a course specifically designed to support students who have not passed the CAHSEE.  As the Mathematics Department Chair, Lee has been instrumental in coordinating the development and implementation of the teacher-led tutoring program and in leading his department colleagues in the drive to establish professional learning communities that practice ongoing assessment of curriculum, instruction, and student achievement.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Cozza, Kathryn

“I honored Kathryn Cozza because she was my saving grace when I started teaching for the Orange Unified School District.  She was also the teacher who brought me to Anaheim City where I have been happily teaching for 6 years.  Basically, she taught me everything I know about being a great teacher.”
~Rima Haroun~


Cracchiolo, Sal

In charge of the adult transition program at Fountain Valley High School and has truly made a difference in hundreds of students’ lives throughout his entire teaching career.  He guided all of his students into rewarding careers and provided excellent guidance while they transitioned from high school into the community.  He is well respected by parents, students and his peers.
~Rachelle Cracchiolo~


Croy, Dr. Hazel

A committed teacher, professor and founder of CSUF Reading degree and credential programs.
~Dr. Debbie Hancock~


Curry Simpson, Bernice

Gave me a lifetime gift by opening me to the world of music.
~Dr. Carmen Zuniga Dunlap~


Dr. Hallie Yopp Slowik

“I have selected Dr.Hallie Yopp Slowik to honor as one of my former instructors at CSUF; one who has touched my life deeply and encouraged me to pursue my master’s and doctorate degree.  As one of my credential instructors, she opened the world of teaching to me and inspired me to be the best I could possibly be.  I’ve never looked back and I thank her for believing in me and for all of her support.”
~Dr. Karen Ivers~


Dreyer H., Dr. Philip

Dean of the School of Educational Studies and Professor of Education and Psychology at Claremont Graduate University.

Dr. Dreyer is a lifespan developmental psychologist who is particularly interested in how people understand themselves and how they achieve a sense of meaning and purpose within the context of their family and school experience. As a treasured mentor and advisor in the Ph.D. program at Claremont Graduate University, he enkindled a love and profound energy for learning about adult development and life and personal growth issues which have sustained me on my life's journey as a professional in higher education
~Dr. JoAnn Carter-Wells~


Dunlap, Burnie

An unfailing mentor, role model, and supporter.
~Dr. Carmen Zuniga Dunlap~


Eaton, Carrie

Fifth grade teacher in the Irvine Unified School District.

She is commitment to guiding students to understand they have an obligation to their community and to help them know that the knowledge they gain in school must be used to build a more positive and equitable society.
~Dr. Ashley Bishop~

I have selected to honor as one of my former instructors at CSUF, she too, has touched my life deeply and was instrumental in my master’s degree and the pursuit of my doctorate.  As one of my master’s instructors, she ensured I was continually challenged and had opportunities to grow professionally.  I thank her for her guidance, support, and confidence.”
~Dr. Karen Ivers~


Ellison, Margo

Fourth grade teacher with the Raymond School - Fullerton School District.

She is a teacher who wholeheartedly believes in her students and teaches them to believe in themselves.
~Dr. Andrea Guillaume and Family~



Ellner, Dr. Carolyn

Dr. Carolyn Ellner was my major professor in my doctoral program and my dissertation advisor.  She is not only an outstanding teacher, but a true leader, brilliant professional and friend.  With respect to teaching expertise, what I remember most is that Carolyn is an expert questioner; she consistently asks probing questions that cause her students to examine their assumptions and develop sound critical thinking.  Carolyn also refuses to accept mediocrity from her students; she pushes them to their limits and then pushes a little more; she expects the best and generally gets it.  Carolyn also has a great sense of humor; I'll never forget heading into her office to recount an unpleasant discussion I'd had with another professor, expecting sympathy and understanding.  What did she say?  "Why didn't you feign cramps and leave?!"
~Dr. Carol Barnes~



Flowers, Aaron

Resource Teacher/football coach.

“The reason I would like to honor this young man is because as a new teacher and mentor to young men, Aaron demonstrates a favorite quote of mine that says: “kids don’t care how much you know, but they do know how much you care.”  As Aaron evolves as an educator, he shows the qualities necessary to make a great teacher.  He is a life long learner; he works with parents and listens to them as an important source of information that helps him to establish goals and objectives to meet the unique needs of kids, my son in particular.  He has empathy and is willing to acknowledge that he too, is a capable of learning something new.  As a coach he knows that all athletes perform their potential only…?”
~ Addie Carroll~


Fry, Marcy

Teaches 4th and 5th multiage classrooms in the Fullerton School District. She is being honored for her unwavering belief in every child and her deep commitment to their growth as responsible and thoughtful individuals. Marcy is an exceptional teacher who provides meaningful learning experiences across the curriculum for her students and who encourages student to make rich connections with the content. Marcy willing shares her enthusiasm and skill with colleagues within and beyond the Fullerton School District- as well as with future teachers by welcoming them into her classroom, allowing them to observe her students in action, and discussing her philosophy and strategies with them. She is made a positive and lasting difference in the life of every student who ahs the privilege of spending precious days of their childhood with her.
~Dr. Hallie Yopp Slowik and Dr. Ruth Yopps-Edwards~


Garcia, Belen

She helped me out my first year as a PAL camp advisor.  She made a difficult weekend fun and relaxing.
~Rima Haroun~


Garza, Dr. Anna

The Coordinator of Matriculation for the North Orange County Community College District's School of Continuing Education. She is deeply committed to serving these adult students who are learning English, acquiring a high school diploma and/ or gaining a certificate for employment. These are students that are often ignored or discounted by others but Anna champions them.

Anna treats these students with great regard and respect, understands their aspirations, celebrates their diverse backgrounds and works very hard to assure they receive the highest quality counseling and guidance services that can be provided. She is a tireless advocate for these students. She has managed to creatively remove obstacles preventing their success by  transforming counseling services,  improving registration procedures, implementing student retention programs, outreaching into the local community, and assuring that her institution's leadership remains student focused. She accomplishes all of this in a remarkably positive and professional manner respecting the dignity of all of those with whom she works.
~Paul Garza~


Good-Taraca, Kaye

My teacher at CSUF who taught Creative Dramatics for Teachers. She inspired everyone who took her class, and they will remember her, for inspiring them to discover the joy of reading through puppets and plays. She opened a world of fun, excitement and discovery for me, which I used throughout my teaching
~Peggy Hammer~


Gould, Charlene

Currently in her 33rd year of teaching in the Ocean View School District.  Charlene's has served on district, county, and state education committees to advance both the arts and social studies.  Cultivating creativity is a priority for Charlene and the children she teaches deliver beautiful presentations on stage, behind the camera, and through technology.  Charlene is to be commended for always pushing the envelope, for staying ahead of the creative wave and serving as a true role model for student, parents, and her colleagues.
~ Dr. Katherine Bihr~


Gutierrez, Tracy

Teaches social science, English, and mathematics.  She provides an innovative, yet rigorous, academic program for her students.  She understands the dilemmas academically disadvantaged at-risk students face in today’s society and works to improve their lives through education.  Her classroom lessons support the learning process through a variety of instructional strategies.  Tracy provides classroom environment that is conducive to learning.  She focuses on the unique learning needs of her students and is committed to helping each student be successful.  Students are held to high expectations, required to put forth honest effort, and are held accountable.  Tracy is a positive role model for her students and a very capable teacher.  She works extremely well with students from all backgrounds and is respected by students and staff members.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Hallenbeck, Carol

An outstanding Leader in Instructional Strategies and in the Profession of Journalism. During her long career as an outstanding Honors/International Baccalaureate English teacher, Carol Hallenbeck integrated cutting edge instructional strategies in the classroom to motivate critical thinking and writing years before instructional strategies became a focus for student achievement. In addition, her many years as an outstanding journalism teacher produced national awards yearly for the Sunny Hills   Accolade   newspaper. Carol's leadership in the national Journalism Education Association has included providing conventions, workshops and advisor-fests for teachers meeting the challenges of student journalism.  She is principal editor and author of the   only   book devoted to "Practical Ideas for Teaching Journalism,"(title) a 712 page compendium which was published in 2001.  It has been sold in 43 states and Europe and is used as a textbook at universities in Indiana and Alabama thus far. Profits provide scholarships through the Southern California Journalism Educational Association in Carol's name.  From her Northwestern University graduation to this day, Carol has demonstrated the energy, intellectual capacity and productivity exemplifying the honor she is receiving from Cal. State Fullerton this evening.
~Barbara Kilponen~


Hammer, Peggy

Received her bachelors and masters degrees from Cal State Fullerton. She was a co-founder of the Reading Educators Guild at Cal State Fullerton, the first alumni association on campus designed for graduates from a specific degree program .Peggy taught with great dedication in both public and private elementary schools in north Orange County. As a Reading Specialist, Peggy also coordinated the Miller-Unruh Reading program for the Placentia Unified School District. She was selected as National Teacher of the Year. Since retiring, Peggy has volunteered for countless hours at Cal State Fullerton, serving on the President's Associates Board, helping to screen and select President's Scholars, and supporting many scholars and campus undertakings with money and consistent encouragement.
~Dr. Debbie Hancock~


Hancock M., Lewis

Inspiring teacher, reading specialist, counselor and pastor.
~ Dr. Debbie Hancock~



Hancock, Dr. Debbie

Dr. Debbie Hancock has been my professor, mentor, colleague, and friend for almost 30 years. As a graduate professor, she demanded excellence and encouraged students to demand excellence of themselves. An educator of educators, she practiced what she preached. Her instruction modeled best practices and provided cutting edge curriculum. While her students were expected to work hard, she always worked harder than all of them. Those of us who were fortunate enough to benefit from her instruction and guidance found that we became the professional educators she knew all along that we could be.
~Kathryn Bartle Agnus~

“I met Dr. Debbie Hancock when she was teaching here at CSUF, preparing teachers for their M.S. in Reading. She was always encouraging and inspiring us to excel. She served as chair of CSUF’s Reading Program and Institute for Reading. She became the first Woman Dean of Education in the CSU system at Cal State Bakersfield. She’ll never retire to the rocking chair. She’s busy writing books and articles, giving lectures and giving back to CSUF as a volunteer and donor. She’ll always be a model for everyone who knows her.”
~Peggy Hammer~


Hasson, Mary

“When I was the Reading Supervisor for my school District, I was so impressed with Mary Hasson and how she taught, her room environment and the students working and measuring. There wasn’t anyone bored or disturbing others. There was lots of hands-on material for the students. Mary was organized. Boxes were labeled and everything was easy to find. The students love her. She encourages them, praises their work and always gives them her special smile. In my next life, I want to be a student in Mary Hasson’s class!”
~Peggy Hammer~


Ivers, Karen

Karen Ivers was my inspiration for Learning & utilizing technology with students.
~Patt Hawkey~


Jones, Dr. Hazel

A visionary teacher, mentor and first woman Vice-President at CSUF.
~Dr. Debbie Hancock~


Kawase, Masako

Masako Kawase is a retired teacher with the Fullerton School District.
~Frances Krausman~


Klausner, Dorothy

A lifelong teacher and reading specialist, founder of Fullerton College – CSUF “9 to 90” family reading program.
~Dr. Debbie Hancock~


Laszlo, Keith

A leader in reorganizing curriculum and ensuring that students in our youth correctional system earn their high school diplomas. He uses mathematics as a vehicle for showing students how the ownership of self-constructed knowledge can give them authority over their lives and their futures.
~Ellen Barger~


Laule, Leah

Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum in the Irvine Unified School District.

She is being honored for her dedication to teaching, learning and the profession of education
~Margie Wakeham~


Lester, Diana

Diana Lester was Estancia High School’s 2003 Teacher of the Year.  She currently serves as chair of both the Reading Department and the English Learners Department.  In 2002, Diana earned a CSU   Fullerton Masters Degree in Reading with Newport Mesa Unified School District Cohort #1.  She was the READ 180 teacher featured at the 2004 Intervention Convention held in Las Vegas.  Diana and her students enjoy having visitors see the READ 180 Intervention Program in action in their classroom throughout the school year.
~Dr. Julie Chan


Liem, Rich

A social science teacher at Troy and teaches a variety of social science classes including Advanced Placement.  He is always willing to give of his time to be of assistance to students and strives to help students reach their potential.  Rich has had a tremendous impact on the campus as a mentor for new teachers.  He serves as a support provider and the site coordinator for the District’s Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program.  In this role, Rich works closely with beginning teachers assisting them in developing curriculum and assessments, and in learning how to meet the needs of students.  Rich has also trained other District BTSA providers and serves as a role model for teachers on his campus.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Mackay, Ken

A retired administrator and principal with the Fullerton School District. Ken shows a Commitment to Excellence and Leadership.
~Frances Krausman~


Maeda, Bev

Bev Maeda taught in the Fullerton School District for many years prior to her retirement. She was the heart and soul of the K-3 multiage classroom at Rolling Hills School and was admitted and respected by hundreds of children and their families throughout her years in the classroom. Bev is being honored for her strong commitment to children, her deep appreciation of their unique strengths and needs, and her unyielding commitment to providing appropriate instructional experience in science, social studies, and the arts, who models an enthusiasm for reading and mathematics, and who continued to learn throughout her career. She is a bright star whose vision, commitment, and skill made her an exceptional and much-loved teacher.
~Dr. Hallie Yopp Slowik and Dr. Ruth Yopps-Edwards~


Martin, Jayne

Jayne Martin is being nominated for her support as principal of Viejo Elementary school where we  (Barbara Clark) had a partnership tutoring program for children of the school.
~Barbara Clark~


Mattheis, Dr. Floyd

Professor Emeritus, East Carolina University

Heart lays in helping improve science teaching and learning. He has motivated and inspired science professors, teachers and students throughout the United States, Japan, and other countries. Anyone who knows him will tell you how he inspired them in some way---as a learner, a teacher, and a human being. I am honoring him on behalf of each and every person Dr. Mattheis has touched throughout his career
~Dr. Amy Cox-Peterson~


McLaughlin, Eilen

My Jr. High School choral teacher who introduced me to fine music and literature.
~Dr. Marsha Link~


Michalek, Judy

A dear friend who teaches elementary school in Irvine.
~Dr. Marsha Link~


Miller, Tony

Tony Miller has served as an agriculture teacher at La Habra High School for 32 years.  Through his efforts, the La Habra High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter qualified as a National Project Growth Chapter in 1992/93.  In 1997, Tony was selected as a Southern Region California Agriculture Teachers Association Teacher of Excellence Award winner.  In 2002, Tony was the recipient of the National FFA’s Honorary American FFA Degree Award.  The award is given to those who advance agriculture education and FFA through outstanding personal commitment. Tony was also selected as the La Habra High School 2005 Teacher of the Year.  Tony is currently also serving at the President of the Fullerton Secondary Teachers Organization.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Morales, Michael

A dedicated teacher of 30 years.  As a veteran teacher of 18 years at Kramer Middle School in the Placentia/Yorba Linda School District, Michael continues to exhibit passion and zeal for his profession.  He teaches history and geography, and also coaches in the after school sports' program.
~Candace Dickerson~


Mulligan, Michelle

Plans and implements mathematical activities for students, which helps build profound conceptual understanding and unmatched improvement in test scores.
~Ellen Barger~


Nunez, Jacque

Currently the Indian storyteller at the San Juan Mission in Capistrano, and she travels throughout Southern California to many schools sharing the story of her people, the Juanano Indians. Full costume and “real realia” such as baskets her family wove and musical instruments. She is the generation and her family was involved with the construction of the mission in 1776.
~Frances Krausman~


Olivas, Keesha

An inspiring teacher of Spanish at Sonora High School.  She works extremely hard in assisting students to reach their highest potential.  Keesha also serves as a member of the school Literacy Team which focuses on integrating instruction in reading throughout the curriculum.  She serves as a support provider for new teachers as a part of the District’s Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program.  Keesha is an excellent role model for other teachers.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Oseguera, Joy

Joy Oseguera has skillfully developed student mathematical discourse resulting in students who view themselves as mathematical problem solvers, authoring their own knowledge.
~Ellen Barger~


Osen, Lawrence

Lawrence Osen earned his bachelor's degree at Cal State Long Beach and his teaching credential at San Diego State University. Lawrence's first teaching experience was as a bilingual teacher in a 5th-6th combination class in Bakersfield. After teaching several years in Bakersfield elementary schools, Lawrence moved to the secondary school level, teaching first in Vista and then in San Marcos middle schools. He developed a strong interest in Geography, and convinced the San Marcos district to initiate a 9th grade required geography class. His experience teaching this class led him to earn two Fulbright scholarships, one to study in South Africa and the second this past summer in India. He has also worked with a team of teachers and professors from across the country to develop the questions used in Advanced Placement exams in Geography. Currently he is enjoying a year's leave from teaching, as he studies in South America and the Mediterranean.
~Dr. Debbie Hancock~


Perry, Jim

Jim Perry was a teacher that challenged his students. He thought outside of the box in his teaching methods and invented engaging ways to make social studies come alive to his junior high students. Junior high can be a very difficult time of life, but Mr. Perry approached this students with such respect that they rose to another level in his class. I am thankful for his input in my life and grateful that I had a second year with him as his instructional aide. I believe this put a seed in my head about becoming an educator as well.
~Barbara Finnell~


Perry, Mary

An Excellence in Innovative Teaching for all student and mentor.
~Frances Krausman~


Privett Dunnick, Marian

Retired as Director of the Associated Campus Children Center at San Diego State University.

Taught the administration course for new early childhood directors.  Marian has spent over 35 years in the field of early childhood education; she was Belinda's first teacher and mentor.  Her knowledge of children, deep passion, and dedication for the field has influenced Belinda greatly.  Today they collaborate and travel presenting workshops together. Congratulations!
~Dr. Belinda Karge~


Pullin, Linda

A dear friend who has taught for 20 + years as an English teacher in an alternative school.
~Dr. Marsha Link~


Rabanera, Al

An outstanding new teacher.  He began teaching mathematics at La Vista High School last year while completing coursework for his teaching credential.  Al maintains excellent rapport with his students as well as with colleagues.  He constantly reflects on his lessons and strategies in an effort to refine his skills.  In addition to his work in the classroom, Al has actively participated in the TASEL-M (Teacher Assistant Student to Excel Learning Mathematics) mathematics grant program co-sponsored by CSUF, as well as in various District staff development programs.  He has also demonstrated considerable leadership in math curriculum development and instruction.  Al is currently serving as the department leader in mathematics at La Vista High School.
~Dr. George Giokaris, Supt., Fullerton Joint Union High School District~


Radding, Dana

“I have selected Dana Radding to honor based upon my observations and knowledge of her dedication to children.  She is an exceptional, very talented and humble 3rd grade teacher at Laurel Elementary School in the Brea-Olinda School District.  She exemplifies the words “teaching the whole child” – creating a learning environment rich in creativity, constructivism, and compassion.”
~Dr. Karen Ivers~


Roach, Leslie

Assistant Principal at Northwood High School.

Leslie has been a tremendous enthusiasm for education and positive attitude about kids!
~Margie Wakeham~


Rosell, Bonnie

“I had the privilege of learning with Bonnie when she was the Staff Development Director for the La Habra City School District. Anything that I do well as an instructor, as a mentor for our student teachers, I learned from Bonnie. When things are not going so well, I think of Bonnie: all of her wise and loving words, and her bright, beautiful blue eyes and her smile.
She says: Look for the good and praise it! She loves teaching and learning and she loves teachers and kids. She walks and lives as she teaches. She has always been my role model of a teacher, mentor and human being. Bonnie was always there for us and no matter what, she never gave up on anyone.”
~ Dr. Judy Smith~


Rosell, Dr. John

John served as the principal of Las Lomas School during the last three years before he retired. Because he agreed to be my mentor for the master's and doctoral program, I stand here today with my most precious fulfilled as alum. of the Department of Special Education at California State University, Fullerton who always dreamed to return to teach here. John was a great instructional leader and a role model for all of those he touched with his P.A.C.E. (Positive Attitudes change Everything.)

Every day 800 kids and teachers at Las Lomas could be heard saying:

Today is a new day
Today I believe in myself
I respect others and I care about my friends

Today I will work hard to learn all I can learn

I'm glad I am here and I am going to make today a great day!

This is the legacy of Dr. John Rosell
I pass this on to my foundations level students so that they may carry this message.
~Dr. Judy Smith~


Ryono, Pam

A high level of professional and personal commitment to students and her colleagues. She is a tenacious and at the same time maintains a great sense of humor. She personifies the meaning of the terms professional and leader.
~Dr. Ron Oliver~


Sampica, Marilyn

“Marilyn Sampica was my first grade teacher when I moved to California from Connecticut. Her welcome with open arms made my transition from school to school seamless. Her true impact in my life came a few years later when I was blessed to have her again as my forth grade teacher. Her sense of humor and desire to "try new things" fed our eager class. That year I remember bring exposed to Latin and learning about the Roman ruins, which I still plan to go see based on that experience. It was evident in every aspect of her approach to teaching that we, as her students, mattered and she pulled from our interests to motivate us to the next experience. I will always be grateful for the impact that she made not only on me, but for so many of us that attended Sierra Vista Elementary in Placentia.”
~Barbara Finnell~


Sanchez Radzai, Terry

Terry Sanchez has been the Literacy Coach at Valencia Park School for the last 5 years.  In this capacity she has established a rapport with the students and staff.   Due to her warm, gentle, accepting manner teachers seek out her assistance, guidance, and advice in working with students in the classroom.  Her expertise in Language
Arts instruction has been invaluable in encouraging teachers to
improve their teaching craft.  She performs every task efficiently
and with a positive attitude.  Mrs. Sanchez is a valued member of
the Valencia Park staff.
~~Ellen Ballard~


Stichter, Dr. Kenneth

A Graduate School Advisor & Professor,   Dr. Stichter has profoundly influenced my life and decision to become an administrator.  His wisdom and encouragement have given me the confidence to pursue this goal.
~Lynn Souers~


Swift, Beth

Beth Swift has been instrumental in developing the vision for the Advanced Academic Academy.  The goal of the academy is to create a specialized academic program for high-achieving students.  Students will take a rigorous program of Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes in English, social science, science, foreign language, mathematics, and fine arts.  A laptop checkout program, field trips to public and private universities, and financial aid workshops for parents and students are integral parts of the academy.  Upon completion of the course of study, students may qualify for the Advanced Placement International Diploma.  To achieve this distinction, students must pass five AP tests.  Passing AP tests also allows students to earn credit at most colleges and universities in the United States, as well as 21 other countries.
~ Beth Swift~


Tang Lee, Debra

An exemplary new teacher and a UCI Writing Project Fellow who teaches in the UCI Young Writers Summer Program.  Last spring, Debra earned certification for teaching GATE students.  Debra also offers workshops on writing instruction.  In May 2005, John Wooden paid a special visit to her classroom.
~ Dr. Julie Chan~


Thune G., Richard

An English Teacher at Rowland High School, a National Blue Ribbon School.  During his sixteen years of teaching, Rich has been named Teacher of the Year, served on accreditation committees, and been a mentor teacher for six years, a CLAD(Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development)   trainer, and editor for WASC documents.  Probably his most enjoyable responsibility is being the voice of the Raiders at the home football games.
Rich has taught all grades in SDAI classes as well as honors and regular classes.  In his uniquely designed classroom, he not only utilizes strategic and effective teaching methods combined with a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, but he genuinely cares for each of his students.  Rich works hard at building positive relationships which last long after graduation.  This is evidenced by the number of former students who visit him and seek his advice.
~ Karen Thune~


Timassy, Fran

“I have selected Fran Timassy to honor based upon my observations and knowledge of her commitment to children.  She is an exemplary, enthusiastic, and dedicated 6th grade teacher at Country Hills Elementary School in the Brea-Olinda School District, whose teaching style lets students know that everyone can succeed.  She believes in all children, sets high standards, and helps her students achieve what they may not have thought possible.”
~Dr. Karen Ivers~


Tinder, Elena

“I have selected Elena Tinder to honor based upon my observations and knowledge of her devotion to children.  She is an outstanding, dedicated 2nd grade teacher at Olive Street Elementary School in the Anaheim City School District, whose compassion and commitment touches the lives of many underprivileged children.  She teaches her students to see the strengths inside themselves, to care for themselves and others, and to love learning.”
~Dr.Karen Ivers~


Wells G., Donald

MS, PE-Civil Engineering at Cal-Poly, Pomona Emeritus Professor.

He is my best friend, confidante, life advisor and model for the importance of personal interaction and true caring as a teacher who has received national recognition for his excellence as a professor. Through his constant encouragement and support, he has both inspired and energized me to achieve my goals and dreams as a professional. He has also taught me through his leadership and accomplishments in higher education the true meaning that "the joy is in the journey"!
~Dr. JoAnn Carter-Wells~


Werner, Jodean

Jodean Werner has been a public school teacher for 33 years.  She has taught elementary grades kindergarten though 4th grade and junior high school.  She has taught in both regular and special day classrooms and RSP.  She is trained as a Reading Recovery teacher and is currently participating in a study of art in classrooms sponsored by UCI.  She has been a BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) provider, mentor teacher and a master teacher.  She received the Ladera-Palma Elementary School “Very Special Person” award.
~Dr. Louise Adler~