The Laurie Dickey Future Teacher Scholarship

The Laurie Dickey Future Teacher Scholarship


This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of our friend, colleague and teacher, Laurie Dickey. If you knew her, you were lucky. If she was your teacher, you were even luckier to have learned from her. Her legacy lives within all the lives who entered her classroom and were changed for the better. This scholarship will ensure that her name lives on by honoring her passion for teaching. Although there will never be another teacher like her, this scholarship will provide funds to those who strive to bring the same passion to their teaching.

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Thank you to all who have donated in her memory!

Mr. Thomas G. Adams


Dr. Marguerite J. Archie-Hudson

Ms. Kathryn E. Ault

Ms. Nefertiti Austin

Ms. Donna W. Bennett ’72

Thaddeus J. Boardman & Lestrita Boardman

Dr. Michelle V. Brye

Ms. Rachel Buckner Gervin

Ms. Anaite O. Caceres

Dr. Kimberly K. Case ‘93

Mr. Gary Commins

Dr. Amy Cox-Petersen

Mr. Peter Coote & Mrs. Laurel Coote

Deborah L. Dandridge

Ms. Kathryn P. DeRose

Mr. Bryan J. Dickey

Mr. Dudley R. Dickey & Mrs. Carole Dickey

Dr. Marguerite Dickey

Ms. Charlene Diggs

Dr. Loretta C. Donovan

Ms. Carolyn H. Evans

Mr. Evan D. Flaschen

Mrs. Lori Franklin

Mrs. Shikha Ghulati

Ms. Frances G. Hagge

Ms. Andrea W. Hardin

Mr. Hadley R. & Mrs. Henrietta M. Hartshorn

Mrs. Laura Haydel

Mr. Reynaldo Husband

Ms. Dianne Haydel-Lewis

Mr. Brien Kelley


Ms. Jacqueline Kindall

Mrs. Angelique King

Mr. Nathaniel Kirtman

Ms. Michelle Lancelin-Curb

Ms. Portia Lewis

Ms. Teresa Manalo

Ms. Ethel R. Marsh

Dr. Lisa Kirtman Marsh & Mr. Michael Marsh

Ms. Marilyn J. Martin

Dr. Christine A. Mayfield ’90

Ms. Grayce E. Mayhew

Ms. Sally Miller

Miss Rwanda Musaddiq

Mr. Marc F. Nesbit

Mr. Brian Nicholson

Dr. Terri R. Patchen

Mr. William C. Pitkin & Ms. Anaite O. Caceres

Ms. Kristine M. Quinn ’00

Ms. Patt A. Ramsey

Mrs. Dawn Redmond

Ms. Virginia Ricard

Dr. Mallika H. Scott

Dr. E. Martin Spencer & Ms. Patricia Dickey Spencer

Ms. Heather H. Terry ’11

The Episcopal Church of Saint Philip the Evangelist

Dr. Frederick H. Warren

Dr. Sandra Winchell

Ms. Carina Wong

Ms. Toya Wright

Ms. Amber M. Wynn

Dr. Ruth Y. Yopp-Edwards ’76

Dr. Hallie K. Yopp Slowik ’76



Updated 9/2/2022