Bilingual Authorization

(1) Candidates for a Bilingual Authorization must hold a prerequisite teaching credential or be recommended for an acceptable teaching credential simultaneously. The following credentials are acceptable as prerequisite or simultaneous teaching authorizations: Single Subject, Multiple Subjects or Education Specialist teaching credentials or the equivalent.


Response :  In order to be recommended for the Bilingual Authorization (BILA), candidates who are simultaneously completing a Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credential must meet all the requirements for their respective programs as well as those for the bilingual program. During BILA Advisement, BILA Coordinators will confirm that the candidate has completed or is in process of completing a preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credential.  As part of the BILA credential applicationPDF File process, the CSUF Credential Preparation Center will confirm that the candidate has earned a preliminary credential a preliminary credential that authorizes instruction to English learners (2042 authorization, Cross-cultural language academic development (CLAD), or equivalent).

(2) The prerequisite teaching authorization must authorize instruction to English learners. Examples of such authorizations include a 2042 authorization, a CLAD or equivalent English Learner Authorization, or the candidate must be eligible for the EL authorization at the time for recommendation for the bilingual authorization. The Certificate of Completion of Staff Development (CCSD) [SB 1969 (Chap. 1178, Stats. 1994), SB 395 (Chap. 685, Stats. 1999), AB 2913 (Chap. 169, Stats. 2004)] is not equivalent to a CLAD authorization.


Response: All initial credential programs—Multiple Subject, Single Subject, Education Specialist—at CSUF have been approved by the CTC for SB2042. Therefore, candidates who simultaneously complete a preliminary credential will have authorization to teach English learners.  Using the BILA Credential Evaluation ChecklistPDF File , the Credential Analyst will confirm that the candidate has earned a Bilingual Authorization that authorizes to the following types of instruction ( File ).  For candidates who complete the Bilingual Authorization Program post credential evidence of English learner authorization is required upon admission.  This requirement is noted on the Bilingual Authorization website .

  •  Instruction for English Language Development (ELD)
  • Instruction for Primary Language Development
  • Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE)
  • Content Instruction Delivered in the Primary Language

(3) Candidates in a Bilingual Intern Program Delivery model must have demonstrated language competence as defined by Bilingual Authorization Program Standard 6: Assessment of Candidate Language Competence prior to entering the Intern Program.


Response :  Fullerton does not have a Bilingual Intern Program Delivery model.