Teacher Preparation Programs

There are many pathways at CSUF for those interested in teaching science and mathematics (and any other secondary school subject).  Please attend an online Overview of our teacher preparation program to learn more. 

Click on the tiles below for additional information ABOUT BECOMING A MATH, SCIENCE, Or Computer Scienece Teacher.

Foundational Level Mathematics (FLM) Teacher Program (middle school and early high school)

Mathematics Teacher ProgramOpens in new window (high school)

Science Teacher Program (middle school and high school)

Bilingual AuthorizationOpens in new window (can be added to any credential)

Computer Science Added Authorization (for those with a teaching credential)

Math or Science Added Authorization for Multiple Subject TeachersOpens in new window

Master of Science in Transformative TeachingOpens in new window (for middle school and high school teachers)

Master of Arts in Mathematics - Teaching optionOpens in new window (for high school teachers and community college instructors)