Computer Science/Engineering Teaching 

There is a growing demand for Computer Science teachers across the K-12 grades.  In California, Computer Science teaching is an "authorization" added to a Single Subject credential or Multiple Subject credential or is part of the Mathematics credential.  Since there are no CSET exams for Computer Science, you must establish content proficiency by earning units in Computer Science coursework. The two pathways below offer a way to earn Computer Science content proficiency along with a Computer Science minor as part of your undergraduate degree in CAS or LBST. For already credentialed teachers, see the online supplemental authorization programs below at Fresno State and UC Riverside.

If you are already a Computer Science major and want to pursue a career in teaching, we recommend you earn a Mathematics credential; with the CS major, you will be authorized to teach CS courses along with mathematics. See our program pages for Math and FLM to learn more about these programs including information about the CSET Math content exams required to establish proficiency in mathematics. You will need to pass all three CSET Math exams to earn the Mathematics credential (even if you complete the FLM program) in order to be qualified to teach Computer Science.




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