Teacher Recruitment Project

The Teacher Recruitment Project (TRP) is funded by the Chancellor’s Office of the California State University through lottery monies. Its aim is to increase the number of qualified teachers in mathematics and science.

Hear what classroom teachers have to say about teaching math and science:

Multiple Subject Credential holders and candidates can learn more about adding a Single Subject Credential in one of these areas by viewing our TRP Power Point presentationPDF File and our informational brochure, Multiple Subject Credential...and Beyond!PDF File Opens in new window

Hear what Multiple Subject Credential candidates have to say about adding a Single Subject Credential:

To learn about Multiple Subject credential holders who obtained an additional credential in mathematics or science, view these additional brochures and videos:

CSET Information

CSET Study Tips

  • To view advice from successful CSET FLM and FLGS test takers, visit bit.ly/CSET_ADVICE

Methods Courses

Financial Assistance

If available, financial assistance is offered in the form of reimbursement for successful performance on required CSET examinations and successful completion of required coursework. 

Other Opportunities for Financial Support

Statement of Interest

To apply for funding or to notify the directors of your intention to obtain an additional Single Subject Credential in mathematics or one of the sciences, complete the Statement of Interest formPDF File .

Project Co-Directors