Science Credential Program (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geosciences, and Foundational Level General Science)

The mission of the Science Education Program is to prepare students who are competent in subject matter content to teach science at the middle school and high school  levels. Furthermore, we provide guidance and support for both beginning and experienced teachers in the study and use of educational practices developed for the teaching of science, as well as helping these teachers develop original ideas as they relate to their areas of specialization. For more information about the Science credential program see the sections below or contact the Subject Area Coordinator for the Science Teacher Credential Program Dr. Antoinette Linton.


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Megan Tommerup: Science Credential Advisor for Natural Sciences


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the CSET Exams? 

The CSET Science  exams are content tests that establish whether you meet the minimum standards with respect to knowledge of science for teaching.  You must pass two different subtests. Subtest I covers general science content while Subtest II covers the candidate's area of concentration. A credential in this subject matter area authorizes teaching general and integrated science and the area of concentration. The Life Sciences CSET is for Biological Sciences, Physics CSET is the Physical Sciences, and the Earth and Space Sciences CSET is for Geosciences.  For more information about the CSET see the following links. 

Note: Students with a Major in a Science Subject are no longer required to take the CSET Exams for that subject.

What opportunities for financial aid exist? 

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