Educational Leadership Student Resources

In the Educational Leadership department, we aim to ensure your academic experience is meaningful and successful.  Please explore some of the resources that are available to you. We look forward to working with you on your educational journey.

Writing Support

Writing resources are available to all students in the Educational Leadership department.  Our goal is to help you transition into your program from undergraduate to graduate level writing and from graduate to doctoral level writing.  Our department offers writing workshops, has a dedicated librarian to assist our students with research questions, and supports the Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership (C-REAL).


Is a data-driven, solution-focused interdisciplinary research center where P-20 educational institutions in the Orange and Los Angeles counties partner with CSUF to identify and respond to local problems and issues in educational institutions.  They provide:

  • Assessment and Evaluation for Grant Programs and Services
  • Support Ed.D. students
  • Research, assessment, and evaluation support
  • Professional Development
  • Support, consulting, and training throughout the dissertation process, such as: writing, date management, stats.
  • Provide assistance with Chapter 4 (Findings)
  • Quantitative & Qualitative support: SPSS, Qualtrics, Dedoose

C-REAL is a great resource to our students.  Please visit their websiteOpens in new window or contact them if you have any questions at 657/278-8510 or via email at

Librarian Support

Our department Educational Leadership has a dedicated librarian to help assist our students with locating scholarly research articles and journals.  Our department has access to OneSearch which provides all students access to over 29 million books, journals, and articles.

Resources to explore at the library:


Writing Support for Ed.D. Students

Writing Coach: Provides comprehensive writing analysis and intervention.

Writing Support Coordinator: Provides information and practice on the more technical aspets of academic writing, including: grammer rules, word selection, etc.

APA and Dissertation Template Workshops: Learn more about APA style citation and formatting.  Develop or refine your skills for this important academic requirement.

These resources are for current students.  Please visit the Ed.D. Canvas Community on your portalOpens in new window for dates and times and contact information or to schedule an appointment.

Financial Services

All current students and new incoming students should apply for FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) even if you do not believe you will qualify.  Many of our in-state, first time, Master's students whose EFC is low could receive aid to cover their full tuition.  As for our Doctorate students our program provides approximately $180,000 in need-based grant aid to students each year.

Our department has a dedicated financial aid specialist that knows our students needs and/or special circumstances.  Please reach out to our office if you are having difficulty with your aid.  Also please visit the College of Education Scholarship and Financial Aid page.


Our Ed.D. and Master's programs are below the national average for public universities and well below the cost of private institutions.  In addition, our programs are the best value among educational leadership programs in Southern California. For more accurate fee information, please visit the Student Business ServicesOpens in new window website. Also note that most of our programs, which are state-supported, continue during the summer session and details about those fees can be found hereOpens in new window .

Doctorate in Education

Our Ed.D. program is designed to be completed in 3 years or 8 terms (including summer).  Each term, an in-state student can expect to spend roughly $6,900 a term which will bring the total cost of the program to roughly $55,000.  



Cost Comparison:
Year CSUF USC Chapman Pepperdine
1st 19,011 36,630 30,960 46,670
2nd 19,011 34,595 38,640 39,490
3rd 13,092 16,280 16,740 8,948
Total 51,114 87,505 86,340 95,108

Master in Education oR cREDENTIAL

Our Master's programs are designed to be completed in 5 terms (usually including one summer session).  Our PASC credential is designed to be completed in 4 terms, but students can add an additional 5th term to complete their Master's degree.  Each term, an in-state student can expect to spend roughly $2,950 per term which will bring the total cost of the program to roughly $14,800 for a Master's Degree and $11,800 for the PASC credential only.


Cost Comparison:
 Year CSUF USC Chapman Pepperdine
 1st  7,500  24,420  19,710  25,652
2nd   5,418  36,630  13,140  17,100
Total   12,918  61,050  32,850  42,752

CSUF tuition rates are based on 2021-2022 academic year. The final year of study is typically less as students only enroll in 2 terms.

Additional costs to consider: books, commuting, parking, and housing. Again, see the CSUF Student Business ServicesOpens in new window page for current fees and costs.

Upcoming Events

  • Ed Week: November 13th  - 16th (Details hereOpens in new window )
  • See College of Education page hereOpens in new window for additional events.