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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC)

We are thrilled that you are interested in applying to the PASC program here at CSU Fullerton.  In order to be considered an applicant you must submit a completed application by the deadlines listed below.  Below you will find a checklist of all of the supplemental material that needs to be submitted online through Cal State Apply.

Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC)

Note: CASC is embedded within our Ed.D., P-12 Leadership program and is not offered as a standalone option.

Apply Now | Cal State Apply Tip Guide


The first step is to create a Cal State Apply user name.  Once you have done this you will be able to locate our program to begin the application process. 

1. Go to Cal State ApplyOpens in new window and create an account.

2. Add the program to your dashboard. 

3. There are four quadrants that make up the application. Be sure that you fill out each section completely.

4. Submit your completed application by the admission deadlines listed near the end of this page.

5. Once your application is complete, submit it and pay the application fee. 

6. Send in official transcripts from the institution where your bachelor's degree was earned. (See transcript details at the bottom of this page)

Note: It can take up to five business days to recieve confirmation from CSU Fullerton that your application was recieved and to be issued your CWID (campus wide identification number).

How to find PASC in Cal state apply

In Cal State Apply, this program is titled "Services Credential - Preliminary Adminstrative Services." There are a few ways to search for this program:

1. In the search bar, enter the full name noted above.

2. In the search bar, enter: Services Credential or Preliminary Administrative Services. 

3. In the search bar, enter: Fullerton. You will see a complete list of all CSUF programs available (graduate and credential).

4. Using the search filters, enter the following:

  • Campus - CSU Fullerton
  • Start term - Fall or Spring 
  • Delivery - Hybrid

Once you have located the program, click on the blue plus sign to the left of the name. Click "continue."

Review your selections. Be sure that you have selected the correct program at CSU Fullerton before you move forward.

It is highly recommended that those interested in the PASC should apply for the MSEDAD.

MSEDAD/PASC Information and RequirementsOpens in new window


*For the combined MSEDAD/PASC and the PASC standalone, all materials listed below are required as part of the application.

All supplemental materials must be uploaded/entered directly into the Cal State Apply application.
  1. Verification of Teaching Experience Form (herePDF File Opens in new window )
  2. Notice to District Superintendent Form (hereOpens in new window )
  3. Basic Skills Requirement (CBEST) 
  4. Certificate of Clearance
  5. Teaching Certificate
  6. Three (3) letters of recommendation (sent electronically via Cal State Apply)
  7. CV/Resume
  8. Unofficial transcripts (from the bachelor degree granting institution)
  9. Personal statement response. Please read instructions and preview the prompt hereOpens in new window .


Priority deadline:   February 1st. Applicants should expect an admission decision witin 4 weeks of this date.

Final application deadline:   May 31st.*

*After the priority deadline, we will continue to review applications if there is still space available in the cohort.


(Availability of a spring cohort is based on demand)

Priority deadline:   October 1st. Applicants should expect an admission decision within 4 weeks of this date.

Final application deadline:   November 30th.*

* After the priority deadline, we will continue to review applications if there is still space available in the cohort.


Spring 2023 applicants:   Once you have completed the Cal State Apply application, send official transcript(s) from every institution of higher education listed in your application t   o CSUF Office of Admissions    .*  We are unable to provide final admission decisions until all transcripts are processed by the university.

Starting with fall 2023 admission cycle :   Post-baccalaureate applicants (post-bacc certificates, credentials, master’s, doctoral) will only be required to provide their transcript from the institution in which their bachelor’s degree (and master’s degree, if applicable) was earned. Please send official transcript(s) to       CSUF Office of Admissions.* We are unable to provide final admission decisions until all transcripts are processed by the university.

*If you attended Cal State Fullerton within the last 5 to 7 years, you should not need to send CSUF transcripts as they may still be on file with the university.

Sending official transcript(s)

Official transcripts must be sent directly to CSUF Office of Admissions. See the Office of Admissions websiteOpens in new window for instructions.


If you are an International Student, please be sure to seek advisement from International Student Services. International Student ServicesOpens in new window provides advising to international students on F or J status on immigration, personal, social and cultural matters.

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