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The Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership (C-REAL) is a data-driven, solution-focused interdisciplinary research center where PK-20 educational institutions in the Orange and Los Angeles counties partner with the College of Education at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) to identify and respond to local problems and issues in educational institutions. Both short and long-term solutions are identified primarily through program evaluation and assessment to address the complex challenges of education specific to educational leadership, practices, policy, and change.

Who We Are

C-REAL is a research center that conducts extensive research on access, equity, and success for P-20 student populations and P-20 educational leadership. We provide a number of educational programs ranging from College of Education colloquium series to international partnership exchange programs and professional development workshop series for local and international partners. Interested in reading more?

Faculty and Affiliates

CSUF faculty and faculty affiliates from neighboring institutions  work with the center in various capacities. They guide and assist students in assessment and evaluation projects, database analyses, and other research activities.   Faculty and Affiliates work closely with the Center’s leadership and research assistants to further the Center’s mission. Click here to view a list of Faculty and Affiliates.

C-REAL Staff

Staff includes the Center Director, Program Coordinator, Research Faculty Consultant, and Research Assistants. Research assistants bring research expertise from their disciplines and range from undergraduate to doctoral students.  Read more about our Staff members.


Advisory Board

C-REAL Advisory Board serves as an integral component of the organizational structure and includes community sponsors, educational leaders, faculty, and the Executive Committee. The Advisory Board meets twice a year to provide advice and input on research agendas, identify and recommend potential sponsors for the center, and internal and external partners.

Executive Board

C-REAL Executive Committee establishes and executes the agenda of the center with guidance and direction from the Director. The Executive Committee consists of the Center Director, College of Education faculty, and community educational leaders of schools and educational agencies who are financial contributors to the Center. The Executive Committee serves to prioritize research projects, solicit and secure funding for long term projects, and support the mission and vision of the Center by representing and promoting the Center both on and off-campus.

Founding Partners and Donors

Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership (C-REAL) partners with local schools and colleges n the Los Angeles and Orange Counties to identify educational problems and solutions through research so  students have the  best quality of education. To view C-REAL’s partners or to become a partner click here.


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Page updated: February 8, 2016