Multiple Subject Credential Program Admissions

For Fall 2022, applicants must now complete an additional Ethnic Studies prerequisite for admission to the program. Please see the Ethnic Studies Requirement below for more information. 

Credential Program Applications: FALL 2022 or later: At this time, the subject matter competency is  NOT being waived for admission purposes for fall 2022 or later. If you majored in Liberal Studies, you have met the requirement for the Multiple Subject CSET Exams. You do NOT need to take the CSETs or upload any additional info. 

The Basic Skills Requirement is being waived for fall 2022, however it must be completed by the completion of the program. 

Fall 2022 Combined and Multiple Subject deadline is February 28, 2022.

For applicants who took EDEL 315 or the equivalent course in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021, the 45 hour fieldwork requirement will be waived. Applicants who took EDEL 315 or its equivalent in Fall 2019 or earlier are still required to submit the pre-program field experience form with 45 hours completed.

Governor Newsom recently signed the TK-12 Education Trailer Bill (AB 130) creating additional pathways for aspiring teachers to demonstrate they have met the Subject Matter and Basic Skills Requirements to begin a teacher preparation program (in lieu of taking the CBEST or CSET exams). The CSUF College of Education is in the process of developing more information to share with students about how these changes will affect our admission processes and how they can determine if they now meet these requirements with coursework they have already completed or will complete. Please continue to check our website for updates to program and application requirements and deadlines.

Before applying to the Multiple Subject Credential Program, you must attend a mandatory overview where detailed information is provided about program options and the application process. The overview is approximately an hour and a half in length. No RSVP is necessary for an in-person or online overview. 

Overview Calendar

Open Larger CalendarOpens in new window

Online Overviews

To access our live online overviews, please follow the following steps.  

1. Download the free Zoom program. Your user name should be your first and last name.

2. You may access the online overview.

3. Test your camera and microphone before the overview begins to ensure it is fully functioning.

4. Find a quiet and comfortable space with little or no distractions (for yourself as well as the other participants -- i.e. pets, driving, restaurants/coffee house, phone calls/texting, eating or busy household).

overview information

In-Person Overviews

We recommend parking in the Eastside Parking Structure   off of Folino Drive. Be sure to allow plenty of time to find parking and to walk to the overview location. You may pay for parking by the hour at the kiosks in the parking structures. We recommend paying for a minimum of 2 hours of parking. Overviews begin on time. Late attendees will be asked to return to attend the overview in full.




5. Log in to the Zoom session five minutes prior the overview scheduled start time.

6. DO NOT log in to the meeting after the start time, as this is distracting to all participants and you will not receive credit for attending the overview. If you are unable to log in by the start of the meeting, please plan to attend at a time in which you can attend the entire meeting.

7. To receive credit for attendance of the in-person overview, all participants must stay to the end, at which time you will verify your attendance. The meeting is approximately 1-1.5 hours in length. 


All applicants must apply through Cal State Apply!

Application and supporting documents must be submitted by the following deadlines. Prerequisite courses may be in progress at time of application deadline, however, they must be complete before the start of the program.

The following deadlines only apply to those who are applying to the credential only or combined program. For those applying to take prerequisites, the deadline is listed on Cal State Apply.

FALL Admissions Deadlines
Completed Files Submitted by Interview Decision Notification
November 30 January February 28
January 31 February March 30
February 28 March April 30
SPRING Admissions Deadlines
Completed Files Submitted by Interview Decision Notification
August 31 September October 31
September 30 October November 30

 Applicants who are planning to apply for financial aidOpens in new window should not wait until admission is granted. Apply for financial aid as soon as possible.


Prerequisites can be taken at CSUF or at other institutions. They can be in progress at the time your application is submitted, but must be completed before the start of the program. If taken at other schools, please check our course equivalency charts before enrolling to ensure you are selecting the correct courses. If you plan to take prerequisites at CSUF, you must take them through CSUF’s Extension program, Open University.

For more information about Open University:

Instructions on enrollment through Open University:


The following four prerequisite courses must be passed prior to the beginning of the program

1. Child or Human Development (approved CSUF courses: CAS 101, CAS 312, CAS 315, CAS 325A & CAS 325B, OR PSYC 361). Applicant must have received a grade of "C-" or better.

2. Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching (approved CSUF course: EDEL 315). Applicant must have received a grade of “C-” or better.

3. Cultural Pluralism in Elementary Schools (approved CSUF course: EDEL 325). Must be taken at a 4-year university.  Applicant must have received a g rade of “C-” or better.

4. Ethnic Studies Requirement Applicant must have received a grade of "C-" or better. Course must have been taken within the last 10 years, prior to entering the credential program. 

Click here for more information regarding our prerequisite courses. PDF File Opens in new window

course equivalency

If you attended another college or university other than CSUF and took courses similar to the prerequisites, please check our course equivalency chartPDF File Opens in new window to see whether your class is listed. Courses must have been taken for a letter grade. Pass/No Pass courses are not accepted. Equivalent courses must have been taken within 7 years of applying to the program.

Prerequisite currency limits:

  • 7 years or less: course is fully accepted, no petition required
  • 8-10 years: requires a petition process and faculty review for currency on content knowledge
  • Greater than 10 years: course must be repeated, no petition allowed


Ethnic Studies course equivalency

Ethnic Studies Course Equivalency Chart

*Ethnic Studies Credential CohortPDF File Opens in new window start only in the fall.



Petitions will need to be submitted for courses that are

  • Not on the Course Equivalency Chart that may still satisfy the requirements, OR
  • On the chart but were taken over 8-10 years prior to applying to the program

Petition forms for each course can be found below. Petition decisions are released 4-6 weeks after the petition has been submitted.

Application Requirements

The following documents must be submitted before an application is considered complete. Only complete files are reviewed for admission into the program. Please view our MSCP Application ChecklistPDF File Opens in new window  for more information on each document. 

For secured file types (i.e., official PDF transcripts, CBEST, CSET results): If you are having trouble uploading the document to your application, you may print out the document, scan it, and upload the new file to your application. For official transcripts, it is fine if the printed document has a "Copy" watermark. 

  1. Official transcripts are required from every college and university attended (including community colleges) and must be opened and uploaded into your application.   Non-CSUF students must also send an additional set of official transcripts to the CSUF Office of AdmissionsOpens in new window . If you attended CSUF as an undergraduate student, the Office of Admissions will have those transcripts on file.
    1. Accredited Degree   – Ensure your B.A. or B.S. degree is from a regionally accredited university by the CTC. The university must be accredited during the years in which you earned your degree.
      1. Check your college/university accreditation status.Opens in new window
      2. Check to see if the CTC accepts this accrediting body.Opens in new window
    2. For applicants who are international students or obtained a bachelor's degree outside of the United States, please email for more information.
  2. Certificate of Clearance or 30-Day Sub Permit, which must remain valid throughout the program. Information on applying for a Certificate of Clearance can be found here. PDF File Opens in new window
  3. Negative TB test results, which can include a TB skin test, risk assessment questionnaire, or chest x-ray. Your document must show the date the test was read. Test results are valid for 4 years and must remain valid throughout the program. 
  4. Proof of overview attendance via a screenshot of the follow-up email received after attending the overview. 
  5. Program application fee receipt, which is separate from the Cal State Apply fee. The program application fee can be paid here. Opens in new window
  6. CBEST or Basic Skills Requirement results must be passed and uploaded to your application in order for your application to be considered complete. Please visit the CTC's website for more information on the CBEST or BSR.PDF File Opens in new window  You may register for the CBEST here. Opens in new window
  7. Multiple Subject CSET results must be passed and uploaded to your application in order for your application to be considered complete. All three subtests must be passed prior to submitting your application. Visit the CTC's website to register for the Multiple Subject CSETs. Opens in new window
  8. Pre-program field experience form showing that 45 hours of fieldwork have been completed in a public, K-8, regular education setting (i.e., not an after school, summer, individual, or tutoring program). Fieldwork hours are most commonly completed concurrently with the Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching prerequisite course. If your form is from a different college or university, please verify that it is similar to the Pre-Program Field Experience Form used at CSUF, which can be found here.PDF File Opens in new window Applicants who have misplaced their forms will need to download the Pre-Program Field Experience Form and have it completed by the teacher who supervised them in the classroom. 
  9. Two faculty recommendations are required for both the credential only and combined program. Recommendations are completed online in the "Recommendations" section of Quadrant 4 of the application. Letters of recommendation are welcome, but two recommendation forms are still required.
    1. Credential only applicants: Applicants applying to the credential only program who have graduated over 4 years prior to the term they intend to begin the program are eligible to have a recommendation completed by an Alternative to Faculty, who may be a supervisor or employer.
    2. Combined applicants: Applicants applying to the combined program may not have recommendations completed by an Alternative to Faculty. Combined applicants must also include the following statement in the "Personal Message/Notes" box prior to submitting their recommendation requests: "In the Evaluator Comments, please address the applicant’s potential for success in a master’s degree program.”
  10. CPR certification that includes Child/Infant (Pediatric) and adult modules and meets the criteria of the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross (ARC). CPR in-person or online are allowed. CPR online must  follow the guidelines set by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association in order to be acceptable. CPR certification must remain valid until completion of the program.
  11. Proof of U.S. Constitution completion, whether through a passed college course with a C or higher, AP Government or U.S. History exam, or the U.S. Constitution exam. Graduation from a CSU fulfills this requirement. Non-CSU students may need to fulfill this requirement on their own. 
  12. GPA – GPA must be at least 2.67 cumulative or 2.75 in the last 60 semester units attempted.  The application review process allows us to consider experiences, attributes and other academic metrics as well as the value an applicant would contribute to learning and teaching. If you do not currently meet the minimum GPA requirements, we still encourage you to submit an application.
  13. JEIE Admission Statement, which needs to be 2-3 double space pages in length and be in response to one of these promptsOpens in new window . You can find more information about JEIE here.Opens in new window

After all required documents have been uploaded to Q4, the application is ready to be submitted. You will pay the $70 Cal State Apply fee upon submission of your application. 

Financial Resources

Visit the following links for more information regarding tuition, financial aid, and loan repayment options.

If you are an International Student, please be sure to seek advisement from International Student Services. International Student ServicesOpens in new window provides advising to international students on F or J status on immigration, personal, social and cultural matters.