MSCP Application Requirements

Attention All Applicants:  Subject Matter Competency is now REQUIRED for all Credential and Combined Programs.

 For secured file types (i.e., official PDF transcripts, CBEST, CSET results): If you are having trouble uploading the document to your application, you may print out the document, scan it, and upload the new file to your application. For official transcripts, it is fine if the printed document has a "Copy" watermark. 

Application Checklist

The following documents must be submitted before an application is considered complete. Only complete files are reviewed for admission into the program.

  1. Official transcripts are required from every college and university attended (including community colleges) and must be opened and uploaded into your application.   Non-CSUF students must also send an additional set of official transcripts to the CSUF Office of AdmissionsOpens in new window . If you attended CSUF as an undergraduate student, the Office of Admissions will have those transcripts on file.
  2. Accredited Degree   – You must have a Bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited university. The university must be accredited during the years in which you earned your degree. Please see resources below for checking your degree:
    1. Check your college/university accreditation status.Opens in new window
    2. Check to see if the CTC accepts this accrediting body.Opens in new window
    3. Degrees completed outside of U.S. For applicants who obtained a bachelor's degree outside of the United States, please review guidelines regarding CTC Foreign Transcript Evaluation (CL-635).
  3. Certificate of Clearance or 30-Day Sub Permit.  Applicants must be sure to 1) Apply for a Certifcate of Clearance through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and 2) obtain Fingerprint clearance (via Livescan).  Fingerprint clearance is required from every applicant prior to the Commission’s issuance of any credential, permit, certificate, or waiver.  The Livescan form is available here. PDF File
  4. Negative TB test results, which can include a TB skin test, risk assessment questionnaire, or chest x-ray. The document must show your name and the date the test was read. TB test must be completed in the US only. Test results are valid for 4 years and must remain valid throughout the program. If you have previously tested positive, you must complete the Risk Assessment QuestionnairePDF File Opens in new window
  5. Proof of overview attendance via a screenshot of the follow-up email received after attending the overview. 
  6. Program application fee receipt, which is separate from the Cal State Apply fee. The program application fee can be paid here. Opens in new window
  7. Basic Skills Requirement -You must submit either test transcripts (CBEST, SAT, ACT,AP) or a completed Basic Skils Verification FormPDF File to show that you have met the requirement.   For more information about the coursework or exams that can be used to meet the requirement, please visit Center for Careers in Teaching's Basic Skills Requirement information.  
  8. Subject Matter Competency- You must submit documentation that verifies that you have the demonstrated subject matter competence to teach multiple subjects.   Applicants with Liberal Studies majors meet this requirement and submit their transcript as proof. Additional ways to meet this requirement include taking and passing approved exams and completing approved coursework in multiple subject areas. For information, please visit Subject Matter Information pageOpens in new window .  Coursework review forms- Elementary Education PathwaysPDF File Opens in new window and CSUF Child & Adolescent Studies Majors - Elementary PathwaysPDF File Opens in new window .
  9. Pre-program field experience form showing that 45 hours of fieldwork have been completed in a birth-12 public school classroom or informal academic setting (ex. Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, etc.).  Fieldwork hours are most commonly completed concurrently with the Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching prerequisite course. If your form is from a different college or university, please verify that it is similar to the Pre-Program Field Experience FormPDF File Opens in new window used at CSUF.  Applicants who have misplaced their original forms will need to download the Pre-Program Field Experience Form and have it completed by the teacher who supervised them in the classroom or informal academic setting. 
  10. Two faculty recommendations are required for both the credential only and combined program. Applicants must provide recommenders' names and contact information in the CSU Apply portal.  CSU Apply will send recommenders a link to a form that they must complete.  Credential only applicants: Applicants applying to the credential only program who have graduated over 4 years prior to the term they intend to begin the program are eligible to have a recommendation completed by an alternative to faculty, such as a supervisor or employer.  Combined applicants: Applicants applying to the combined program must submit two faculty recommendations. Combined applicants must also include the following statement in the "Personal Message/Notes" box in CSU Apply prior to submitting their recommendation requests: "In the Evaluator Comments, please address the applicant’s potential for success in a master’s degree program.”
  11. CPR certification that includes Child/Infant (Pediatric) and adult modules and meets the criteria of the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross (ARC). CPR in-person or online are allowed. CPR online must  follow the guidelines set by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association in order to be acceptable. CPR certification must remain valid until completion of the program. Here is more CPR info with location options. PDF File
  12. Proof of U.S. Constitution completion, whether through a passed college course with a C or higher, AP Government or U.S. History exam, or the U.S. Constitution exam. Graduation from a CSU fulfills this requirement. Non-CSU students may need to fulfill this requirement on their own. Here is more information on taking the U.S. Constitution exam. PDF File
  13. GPA – For Credential-only, GPA must be at least 2.5 cumulative or 2.75 in the last 60 semester units attempted.  For Combined applicants, minimum GPA is 3.0. The application review process allows us to consider experiences, attributes and other academic metrics as well as the value an applicant would contribute to learning and teaching. 
  14. JEIE Admission Statement, which needs to be 2-3 double space pages in length and be in response to one of these promptsOpens in new window . You can find more information about JEIE here.Opens in new window

After all required documents have been uploaded to Q4, the application is ready to be submitted. You will pay the $70 Cal State Apply fee upon submission of your application.