Clear Administrative Services Credential

Clear Administrative Services Program Overview

California State University, Fullerton, has embedded a fully accredited Clear Administrative Services Credential (formerly the Tier II credential) within the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership Program.  Because California requires administrators to begin their Clear Credential program within 120 days of starting in their position, Cal State Fullerton offers two options for entry into the program:

  1. Option 1:  Students may begin their Clear Credential simultaneously with the Fall start of the Ed.D. program (apply for the program in the Spring prior to the Fall start date),or
  2. Option 2:  Students may begin the coaching portion only of the Clear Credential up to one year prior to the Fall start date for the Ed.D. (applications accepted year-round).

The credential program consists of collaboration with certified coach, professional learning through Ed.D. coursework, professional development completed through a school district, and demonstration of competence in all six of the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs).

Program Components

Collaboration with a Certified Coach

Candidates in the Clear Administrative Services Program will complete a minimum of 40 hours with a certified coach.  This coaching will consist of site visits, on campus face-to-face meetings, and electronic conversation (telephone, Skype, etc.).  Through the coaching process, candidates will develop in Individualized Induction Plan based on a series of preliminary assessments and consultation.

Note:  Students select Option 1 above will begin coaching up to one year prior to starting the Ed.D. program.

Professional Learning Through Ed.D. Coursework

Professional learning is accomplished through the following Ed.D. courses, each of which includes assignments designed specifically to address the six CPSELs:

  • EDD 600: Organizational Theory and Challenges for Leadership
  • EDD 604: Forecasting and Planning for Emerging Needs
  • EDD 605: Methods of Collection and Analysis of Assessment Data
  • EDD 620: Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Leadership
  • EDD 621: Leadership of Curricular and Instructional Practices
  • EDD 622: Human Dimensions of Reform and Change
  • EDD 624: Social Contexts of Educational Politics, Policy, and Governance in PreK-12 Education

Assessment of Professional Competence

After candidates develop an IIP with their coach, this plan is monitored routinely throughout the coaching experience as a means of ensuring ongoing progress toward the achievement of final professional competency, which is certified by the coach at the completion of the program.

Applying for Admission to the Clear Credential Program

Option 1:  Begin the Clear Credential and the Ed.D. at the Same Time

Students who wish to begin the Clear Administrative Services Credential Program simultaneously with the Ed.D. program simply apply to the Ed.D. program during the spring prior to the fall start date for the program.  See the Directions for Applying to the P-12 Specialization of the Ed.D. Program.

Option 2:  Begin the Clear Credential up to One Year before Starting the Ed.D.

Students who wish to begin the Clear Administrative Services Credential Program up to one year prior to beginning the Ed.D. submit only the following three components of the Ed.D. application (all additional application materials for the Ed.D. must be submitted prior to June 30 of the year when the student will begin the Ed.D. program):

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Page updated: September 15, 2015