Our Program is Distinct

  1. We are one of only a few programs throughout Southern California that offers completely separate specializations in P-12 Leadership and Community College Leadership – this allows for greater depth and focus of content in each specialization.
  2. Students’ Success and Accomplishments
    • Nearly 80% of our students graduate from the program. This is much higher than the doctoral graduation rate of 43% (Council of Graduate Schools, 2008).
    • 60% of our graduates completed their degree within three years.
  3. Best in Value
    • Current fees are $5,912 per term ($17,736 for the year). It is the least expensive among other southern California institutions.
    • Our Ed.D. provides approximately $180,000 annually to students in need-based grant aid.
    • Students may also apply for other forms of financial aid including student loans (click here for more information on financial aid).
  4. Student Support
    • The Ed.D. program spends more than $1,000 per student each year to provide support services such as writing coaches, statistics coaches, dissertation editing, and support for data collection and transcription.
    • We provide financial support for travel, lodging, and registration fees to students who attend and present at regional and national professional conferences.
  5. The Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership (C-REAL)
    • C-REAL provides research support and opportunities to students including research assistantships, assistance with grant writing, and support for publishing dissertation research.
  6. Engaged Faculty
    • The Ed.D. faculty at CSUF is one of the most diverse and professionally experienced faculties in the country.
    • The P-12 specialization is supported by 7 full-time faculty plus two adjunct faculty; 5 are former school administrators.
    • The Community College specialization is supported by 7 full-time faculty, all of whom are former practitioners; 2 are former community college chancellors.
  7. Our Unique Approach to Teaching: Theory-to-practice and practice-to-theory orientation
    • Our students are encouraged and expected to draw upon professional experiences in order to complete course-based assignments.
    • The program makes extensive use of “module builders” – current school and college administrators who co-teach 2-3 week modules applying theory to real world case studies or who invite classes to study real world cases at their schools or colleges.
  8. Our students are among the most ethnically diverse in the country and are also highly diverse in terms of work experience.
    • P-12 students have included assistant superintendents, principals, district-level administrators, and teacher-leaders.
    • Community college students have included a president, vice presidents, deans, directors, faculty, student affairs professionals, instructional librarians, and information technology professionals.
  9. Individual Dissertation Advising
    • Students are part of a small group classes (4-6 students) where a faculty member works with students to provide support in the development of the dissertation proposal beginning the 1st semester.
    • Our faculty at Cal State Fullerton receive the most generous dissertation load compensation in the region – this translates to more time, support, and attention for students during the 3rd year.
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Page updated: November 5, 2014