CBEST, CSET & RICA TEST Preparation Resources

Students who need to take the CBEST, CSET and/or RICA may request access to the following resources to prepare for these exams.

Digital Library & Study.com

The SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Center for Careers in Teaching, with support from the Teacher Recruitment Project (TRP), has purchased a digital library and a subscription to Study.com so that students can access study materials in electronic formats for the CBEST, CSET and RICA exams.

Please complete the Digital Library & Study.com request form to request access. 

Additional Study Materials

Additional Study Materials
CBEST Test PrepOpens in new window CSET Math Subtests I, II and III


(note: students who request access to the digital libraryOpens in new window will also receive full access to the Study.com test prep resources)

Free Online CBEST Preparation Course CSET Study Guides Teachers Test Prep
Free Study Guides for CBESTOpens in new window Free Interactive Math Online Course  
YouTube CBEST Math Teaching Solutions  
  YouTube playlist for Multiple Subject subtest I  
  YouTube playlist for Multiple Subject subtest II  
  YouTube playlist for Multiple Subject subtest III  
  YouTube channel for   history   and   science  
  CSET Math (multiple subject and single subject)