Basic Skills Requirements (BSR)

In order to obtain a teaching credential in the state of California all students must demonstrate Basic Skills which acknowledges the ability to understand basic reading, math and writing.

The Basic Skills RequirementPDF File (BSR) can be met 8 different ways, including passing the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). Please refer to the How to Meet the Basic Skills RequirementPDF File flyer for more information about how to meet the BSR requirement.


How to verify if you meet the Basic Skills Requirement using coursework:

A. Current Cal State Fullerton Student Completing Undergraduate Degree

To learn how your coursework may satisfy the Basic Skills Requirement, please make an appointment with one of our Advisors.

B. Submitting a Cal State Fullerton Credential Program Application (Verification Form)

Please read the information on the Basic Skills Verification formPDF File to determine if your coursework meets the criteria.  If you have completed the approved coursework, complete the Basic Skills Verification form and submit it with your Credential application. You do not need to obtain a signature on the form before submitting it with your application. The courses will be verified by a Program Advisor and the form will be signed when you complete the program.

C. Current Cal State Fullerton Students or Alumni Seeking Formal Approval of the Basic Skills Requirement for Job Placement

Complete the Basic Skills Verification FormPDF File , include supporting documentation (i.e. official transcripts, copies of official transcripts or official exam reports, etc.) and upload hereOpens in new window .

If you need to take the CBEST, please refer to the registration information.