CA Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential

CA Specialist Credential

The CA Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Individuals wishing to pursue the Specialist Credential must make formal application to the University indicating the specific Specialist Credential program desired.

Program Information

Course Requirements* (total of 29 units)

  • READ 507 Literacy in the Academic Disciplines (3)
  • READ 508 Foundations of Literacy: Teaching and Learning (3)
  • READ 511 Research in Reading and Literacy Education (3)
  • READ 514 Linguistics and Literacy Education (3)
  • READ 516 Literacy Assessment and Analysis for Instruction (3)
  • READ 536 Literacy Curriculum: Design, Implementation and Evaluation (3)
  • READ 560 The Sociocultural Context of Language and Literacy for English Learners (3)
  • READ 581 Strategic Interventions for Literacy Specialists: Practicum (5)
  • READ 585 Roles of the Literacy Leader/Specialist (3)

*For students entering the program in Fall 2012 or after. Students who entered previously should check their study plan and/or consult their advisor.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Maintain an average Grade Point Average of 3.0 throughout the program, and prior to enrolling in READ 581.
  2. Earn a passing evaluation on the Writing Proficiency assignment completed in READ 514 (or complete an approved improvement plan).
  3. By program completion, submit 2 letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your teaching expertise and 2 letters of recommendations from individuals familiar with your academic expertise (usually course professors). Recommendation forms are available in the Department office.
  4. To apply for the CA Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential, submit a Verification of Service form to document three years of successful teaching experience. Forms are available in the Department Office.


Advisement is available to all program candidates. Contact the Literacy and Reading Education's Student Services Professional, Patty Park, or 657-278-3497, to schedule a telephone or on campus appointment.


Admission & Application Information

Apply and gain admission to Cal State Fullerton

Head over to and start your admission process to Cal State Fullerton. Visit our Apply Now page for more detailed instructions on what information you'll need to apply to Cal State Fullerton.

Admission Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
  • Grade point average of at least 3.0 cumulative or last 60 semester units (applicants with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.0 may be conditionally admitted)
  • Good standing at the last college attended
  • Approved undergraduate major
  • California Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Special Education teaching credential.
  • Possess an English Learner Authorization

*Three years of successful teaching experience at elementary or secondary levels, or other approved experience and an active basic credential are needed once the program is complete to apply for the CA Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have additional questions?  We've assembled future students' most common questions in our FAQ page: visit our FAQ page here.

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Page updated: May 31, 2017