Two Semester Program

The two semester program provides an opportunity for candidates to gain essential knowledge about the nature of children, the elementary school curriculum, elementary school instructional materials, and effective teaching strategies from university classroom instruction. Concurrently, candidates experience the realities of the elementary school classroom through supervised fieldwork and student teaching. The coursework required of the two semester program normally entails an all-day commitment from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The division of the day between university classes and fieldwork in public schools varies according to specific blocks. Candidates must also reserve adequate time outside the daily 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. schedule to complete course assignments. Student teaching is an all-day, five days per week, experience.  There will be some required elements of the program that may extended beyond these hours.

Two-Semester Overview 

Semester 1: 10 weeks of coursework and fieldwork followed by 5 weeks of student teaching

Semester 2: 7 weeks of coursework and fieldwork followed by 8 weeks of student teaching


Coursework: First Semester

  • EDEL 430 Foundations in Elementary School Teaching
  • EDEL 433 Language arts and Reading Instruction in the Public Schools
  • EDEL 434 Methods and Inquiry for Teaching English Learners
  • EDEL 435 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching – Math
  • EDEL 450 Visual & Performing Arts Seminar
  • EDEL 438 Supervised Fieldwork in Elementary Schools
  • EDEL 439 Student Teaching
  • EDEL 453A : Teaching  Performance Assessment Support:  Subject-Specific Pedagogy & Designing Instruction


Coursework: Second Semester

  • EDEL 429 Integrated Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School
  • EDEL 436 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching – Science
  • EDEL 437 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching – Social Studies
  • EDEL 439 Student Teaching
  • EDEL 451 Community, School and Classroom Issues Seminar
  • EDEL 452 PE, Health and Mainstreaming Seminar
  • EDEL 453B: Teaching  Performance Assessment Support:  Assessing Learning & Culminating Teaching Experience


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