Multiple Subjects Credential Program (MSCP)


Our nationally accredited Multiple Subject Credential Program prepares teachers to be leaders in the classroom and change agents within the field of education. We offer 2 semester and 3 semester programs, Combined Credential/Masters program, certificate options for our credential candidates, Intern options, as well as opportunities for a Bilingual Authorization Credential or Certificate (formerly BCLAD).


Program Options

Two-Semester Program

The two semester program provides an opportunity for candidates to gain essential knowledge about the nature of children, the elementary school curriculum, elementary school instructional materials, and effective teaching strategies from university classroom instruction. Concurrently, the candidates experience the realities of the elementary school classroom through supervised fieldwork and student teaching. Read more about our Two-Semester Program.


Three-Semester Program

Our three-semester program requires evening classes (taught from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and/or from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.). Some blocks may also hold Saturday classes. Read more about our Three-Semester Program.


Bilingual Authorization Program

The Spanish Bilingual Authorization program will increase candidates' marketability as a prospective teacher, provide the opportunity to improve academic Spanish language skills, enhance the ability to contribute to the Latino community, and provide the opportunity to become part of a bilingual-bicultural learning community. Read more about our Bilingual Authorization Program.


Additional Program Offerings

Combined Credential / Masters Program

The combined program is a full-time, 16-month program completed in four semesters, including summer and online courses. Read more about our Combined Credential / Masters Program.


Credential Certificates

Certificate programs provide the opportunity for credential students to take courses that enhance their understanding in a particular area. The Multiple Subject Credential program offers two certificates: Arts OR Technology. Read more about our Credential Certificates.


Multiple Subject Intern Program

To become an intern, candidates must receive a job offer as the contracted teacher of record in a K-8 regular classroom from one of our approved districts. This offer does not include after school programs or work as a long term substitute teacher. For more information, contact Heather Terry at