Bilingual Authorization  


Are you bilingual?

There is a great need for bilingual teachers who can communicate with students and parents in their native language and who can help other teachers understand the cultures of the home.  


Participating in the Bilingual Authorization program will:
  • increase a candidate’s marketability as a prospective teacher
  • provide the opportunity to improve academic language skills
  • enhance the ability to contribute to the community in which they work
  • provide the opportunity to become part of a bilingual-bicultural learning community
Information About the Bilingual Authorization:
  • Two additional courses are required (offered during the summer only)
  • Candidates should have language skills at the intermediate to advanced level (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  • Candidates interested in obtaining a bilingual authorization or certificate should indicate this on the MSCP application and Contact the Bilingual Authorization Coordinator as soon as possible.


Program Requirements and Languages Available
Bilingual Authorization Requirements
Language of Emphasis Engaged Methodology Cultural Responsive Practice Language Proficiency
Spanish Methods and Inquiry for (Spanish) Bilingual Teachers
(3 units)
Culture and Education of (Latino) Students-
(3 units)
Oral and Written Examination
(Equivalent to CSET LOTE)
Asian Languages:
Korean, Mandarin and/or Vietnamese
Methods and Inquiry for (Korean, Mandarin,Vietnamese) Bilingual Teachers
(3 units)
Culture and Education of (Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese) Students
(3 units)
Subtest III in the target language

All candidates must complete at least 10 hours of fieldwork. 


Adding A Bilingual Authorization Credential

If an applicant has already obtained a California Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential and would like to add a Bilingual Authorization, he/she is required to take EDEL 446 and EDEL 541 (typically offered during the summer) to complete the requirements.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Fernando Rodriguez-Valls (frodriguez-valls@fullerton.eduOpens in new window ), Bilingual Authorization Coordinator.

For Information on Bilingual Teaching (from former students’ perspectives) and scholarships, please contact  the   Los Maestro Alumni Chapter


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