Ethnic Studies Requirement for Credential Programs*

The CSUF College of Education admission requirements for the initial credential programs includes an Ethnic Studies course, which must be completed prior to beginning the program (Education Specialist, Multiple Subject and Single Subject programs). This requirement applies to all students seeking admission to these programs even if the student already holds a credential. Details regarding the requirement are provided below. Students currently complete a bachelor's degree at CSUF may meet with an advisor in the Center for Careers in Teaching to ensure the requirement is satisfied prior to graduation. Should you have any questions after reviewing this website, please email Aimee Nelson at for additional information.

Please note:

  • Completion of an Ethnic Studies major or minor from CSUF or an accredited institution satisfies the requirement.
  • Cross-listed courses will not be accepted unless otherwise noted.
  • Course must be taken in an Ethnic Studies Department (African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano/a Studies, etc.) unless otherwise noted. 
  • Course must be completed with a grade of C- or better.
  • Course must have been taken no later than 10 years prior to entering the credential program.
  • *This requirement is separate from the CSUF General Education requirement (Area F). Please refer to the General Education information page for more details. If you are completing a bachelor's degree at CSUF, some of the approved courses below can also satisfy other General Education requirements. Please make an appointment with an Advisor in the CCT to select the course that best meets your needs.
  • Please review the information below to determine which courses meet this requirement.


Students who plan to begin a credential program must have taken one course from the list below, or complete an approved equivalent course at another institutionPDF File

Students may submit a petition if they have completed a course they believe to be equivalent to one of the approved courses below (no other courses will be considered). Course must include an exploration of people of color within and beyond the U.S., systems of power/oppression, and issues of race/racism or social justice. If the course includes this content, please complete the Ethnic Studies Course Petition formPDF File and follow the instructions provided on the form to submit a course petition. Courses must also meet the criteria as noted above.

Approved CSUF courses:

Please note: if you are a current CSUF student completing a bachelor's degree, some courses also satisfy general education requirements as noted below .

  • AFAM/ASAM/CHIC/HIST 190-Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities: satisfies CSUF GE Category D2
  • AFAM 103 - Critical Race Theory
  • AFAM 335 - History of Racism: satisfies CSUF GE Category D4 & Overlay Z (for fall 2021 and later GE Category D3 & Overlay Z)
  • AFAM/ENGL 410 - Language and Power in African American Culture
  • ASAM 201 -The History of Asian Pacific Americans: satisfies CSUF GE Category D1 (if taken fall 2018 or later)
  • ASAM 300 - Intro to Asian Pacific American Studies: satisfies CSUF GE Category D4 & Overlay Z  (for fall 2021 and later GE Category D3 & Overlay Z)
  • ASAM 308 - Asian American Women: satisfies CSUF GE Category E & Overlay Z
  • CHIC 325 - Chicana and Chicano Education: satisfies CSUF GE Category D4 & Overlay Z  (for fall 2021 and later GE Category D3 & Overlay Z)
  • CHIC/READ 326 - Undocumented Youth in Education
  • CHIC 331 - The Chicano Child: satisfies CSUF GE Category D4 & Overlay Z  (for fall 2021 and later GE Category D3 & Overlay Z)
  • CHIC 332 - The Chicano Adolescent: satisfies CSUF GE Category D4 & Overlay Z  (for fall 2021 and later GE Category D3 & Overlay Z)
  • CHIC/READ 360 - Literacy Education for Social Change