Meet Our Advising Team...

CCT Advising Team

Each of our Advisors have extensive knowledge of the requirements to become a teacher in California. They are trained to evaluate and provide recommendations to assist your progress in General Education coursework and various graduation requirements in combination with the admission requirements to the Cal State Fullerton Credential Programs.

Our Advisors are not major advisors. Students should also meet with their major department advisors for specific details regarding major requirements.


Jacqueline Calabrese

Graduation Specialist & Titan Future Teacher Coordinator

Jacqueline Calabrese

(657) 278-7657

Joined the Center for Careers in Teaching: 2016

Prior Work Experience: Previous roles include community college English instructor, CSUF English part-time faculty, Writing Center Tutor, and Academic Advisor in the AAC

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in English from Cal State Fullerton

Master of Arts in English from Cal State Fullerton

Language(s) Spoken: English & Spanish

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ally Training: UndocuAlly

What I Love About Advising: When a student sits in my office/Zoom advising appointment, I love witnessing their innate passion to teach. For many students, attending college poses many hardships, yet they persist because of an unyielding dedication to their families, themselves, and their future students. Our future teachers are filled with so much grit and potential, and it’s an honor to assist them in their vocation to the teaching profession.

Fun Fact: I signed up to study abroad one month before the plane was set to take off for the program! I didn’t even have a passport! I had always thought, “students like me (as in, Hispanic, first-generation) don’t do study abroad,” but I saw a flyer posted in a classroom and instantly knew I had to have that experience! Paying back the loans was a little tough, but other than that, I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone!


Academic Advisor, Center Coordinator & Men of Color in Education Coordinator


Joined the Center for Careers in Teaching:  

Prior Work Experience: 


Language(s) Spoken:  


Ally Training: 

What I Love About Advising: 

Fun Fact: 

Jennifer Robles

Transfer Student Support Coordinator

Jennifer Robles

(657) 278-7895

Joined the Center for Careers in Teaching: 2019

Prior Work Experience: Prior to coming to CSUF, I worked in Adult Education. I have advised students in both Career Technical Education programs and High School Diploma programs.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Cal Poly Pomona

Master of Social Work from Azusa Pacific University

Language(s) Spoken: English

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ally Training: UndocuAlly

What I Love About Advising: It's so rewarding to support students as they develop their academic plans and see how they progress towards reaching their goals.

Fun Fact: I was a transfer student! I went to Mt. SAC before transferring to Cal Poly. Now, I advise students from the community colleges (including Mt. SAC) that would like to transfer to Cal State Fullerton.

Heather Terry

Recruitment & Retention Coordinator

Heather Terry

(657) 278-4736

Joined the Center for Careers in Teaching: 2018

Prior Work Experience: 17 years in the Department of Elementary & Bilingual Education at CSUF.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Human Development with Counseling focus from Hope University;

Master of Science in Education with Higher Education focus from Cal State Fullerton.

Language(s) Spoken: English

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ally Training: Veterans, LGBTQIA, UndocuAlly

What I Love About Advising: I love learning each student's story and then being able to help them find the pathway that is most fitting for them. Advising to me is not just about the academics and getting a student from point A to point B but joining them on that journey of twists and turns that the college years promise.

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Colorado and moved to California almost THREE decades ago to attend college and never left. I am also a non-traditional student who restarted my college journey a few times before completing my bachelor's degree.

Aimee Nelson


Aimee Nelson

(657) 278-7130

Joined the Center for Careers in Teaching: 2014

Prior Work Experience: 21 years at CSUF - College of Education Assistant Dean (2008-2014), Nursing Department Academic Advisor (2000-2008), University Outreach Counselor (1999-2000); Part-time Counseling Faculty at Santa Ana College (2001-2002 & 2005-2007)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Cal State Fullerton

Master of Science in Psychology from Cal State Fullerton

Language(s) Spoken: English

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ally Training: LGBTQIA, UndocuAlly, Vet Net Ally

What I Love About Advising: I do not currently meet with students for academic advising, but I do have a background in advising and I have always loved it, which is why I love being in the CCT. I love being a part of the learning and growing that happens as students work toward their educational and career goals. I love being able to share the knowledge I have to support our students.

Fun Fact: I actually still have a baby tooth, never fell out because there isn't an adult tooth underneath.

Meet Our Student AssistantS...

We could not function without our CCT Student Assistants. They are often the first person you meet when you visit or call our Center. Our Student Assistant knows all the resources our Center provides and can point you in the right direction so you may access those resources as needed. They can also assist you if you need to meet with one of our Advisors.

Natalie pineda

Student Assistant

Picture of Natalie Pineda

(657) 278-7130

Joined the Center for Careers in Teaching: 2021

Education: Valencia High School Class of 2017, A.A Foreign Language from Fullerton College and current CSUF Japanese undergraduate student

Language(s) Spoken: English & Spanish

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

What I Love About Being Student Assistant: I enjoy supporting others who are going through the same path as I am. I also like learning professional and teaching skills that will help me in my future teaching career.

Fun Fact: I like to cosplay and watch anime in my free time. I enjoy playing tennis with my friends, and I am proud of my high school tennis team to have won CIF League in 2016.


Student Assistant

Jacky Garcia Headshot

(657) 278-7130

Education:   Associate of Arts for Transfer in Child and Adolescent Development from Fullerton College. Current  CSUF Child and Adolescent Studies: Early Childhood  undergraduate student.

Language(s) Spoken:  English & Spanish

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

What I Love About Being Student Assistant:  I love being able to work with other individuals who also hold a deep passion for the field of education. I also enjoy being able to help other students, like myself, move towards similar goals to create a better future for following generations of students.

Fun Fact:  My favorite color is purple and my favorite musical artists consist of BTS, Harry Styles, 5SOS, and Walk the Moon.