Preliminary Mild / Moderate

Preliminary Education Specialist Authorized to teach Mild/Moderate Credential Program

PURPOSE OF PRELIMINARY Education Specialist Credential, Mild/Moderate
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing)

The M/M credential authorizes the provision of services to individuals in grades K-12 to age 22, with mild/moderate disabilities such as autism, intellectual disabilities, specific learning disabilities, and other health-impaired and emotional disturbances.

Education Specialist Credential, Mild/Moderate (Preliminary) Program Requirements Plan

Admission to Teacher Education Office
Admission requirements for the Education Specialist Credential Programs are found at the Admissions to Teacher Education Office. Contact this office for your admissions application needs.

The Credential Preparation Center at California State University, Fullerton acts as the liaison between the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the credential applicant. The Credential Preparation Center provides quality advisement and certification services to all professional educators it serves.   Contact the center for your credential preparation needs.


Mild/Moderate Coordinator:Dr. Tiffany Leger-Rodriguez, Professor,

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Page updated: April 5, 2017