Early Childhood SPED

Early Childhood Special Education Authorization

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has recently revised the program requirements for adding an authorization (formally certificate) in ECSE.  If you currently hold an Education Specialist in Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe, you are eligible to obtain this new Added Authorization.  At CSU Fullerton the Added Authorization consists of the following classes:

SPED 400 Early Childhood Special Education (3)
SPED 421 Working with Families of Individuals with Disabilities (3)
SPED 489C or 489D Adviser-approved Directed Teaching in Special Education Course (6)
SPED 514 Infant Assessment and Intervention (3)
SPED 515 Preschool Assessment and Intervention (3)
SPED 535 Seminar in Special Education: Early Intervention (3)

For additional information, refer to the FAQ below:

1. How do I enroll in the ECSE Authorization Program?

If you are already enrolled in a program within the Department of Special Education:

You will need to submit an updated department application, found on the Admission to Teacher Education website at: http://ed.fullerton.edu/sped/documents/2012/12/application-credential-program.pdf. Please submit to the Admission to Teacher Education Office in CP 540.

If you are not currently enrolled in a program within the Department of Special Education:

You will first need to submit an application to the university (http://www.calstate.edu/apply). Next, you will need to apply to the Department. Please visit this link to download the department application checklist.

2. Are any of the classes offered online?

SPED 400,421 and SPED 535 are currently the only course offered online

3. When are these classes offered?

Course Offered
SPED 400 Online Fall/ Spring and Summer Session
SPED 421(online) Fall /Spring and Intersession & Summer
SPED 514 Fall Semester
SPED 515 Spring Semester
489C Fall Semester
SPED 535 (online) Fall/Spring Semester

4. What if I earned my credential from CSU Fullerton and have already taken some of the coursework?

Those are honored. You will only need to take the remaining courses.

5. What if I feel I have already taken one or more of these classes from a different institution?

You will need to submit a Course Equivalency Petition and transcripts to the Department Chair for approval to waive any courses. Only two classes can be petitioned. The Course Equivalency Petition can be found under the Forms tab.

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Page updated: June 2, 2017