Autism Added Authorization

Every candidate in the current Education Specialist credential will receive training in and authorization to teach students with Autism. However, anyone who earned an Education Specialist credential before Fall of 2010 AND who currently work with children with Autism must complete an Added Authorization to their credential. Additionally persons with a Learning Handicapped Credential, Education Specialist in other areas must also obtain the new Added Authorization. At CSU Fullerton the Added Authorization consists of the following four classes (at 3 units each):

  • SPED 401 Introduction to Autism (pre-requisite to 502)
  • SPED 502 Teaching Strategies for Students with ASD
  • SPED 522 Positive Behavior Support
  • SPED 533 Issues and Trends in Collaborative/Consultative Services

For additional information, refer to the FAQ below:

1. How do I enroll in the Autism Authorization Program?

You will need to submit an updated preliminary department application found on our website: Please submit to the Admission to Teacher Education office in College Park 540.

Secondly, to register for classes go through Extended Education

2. Are any of the classes offered online?

All four of the classes- SPED 401, 502, 522, and 533- are offered online.

3. When are these classes offered?

All four classes are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. SPED 401 is also offered during the Intersession and Summer session. SPED 522 is offered in the evening at 4pm and/or at 7pm (face-to-face) and online.

4. What if I earned my credential from CSU Fullerton and have already taken 522 and 533?

Those are honored. You will only need to take the remaining two courses.

5. What if I feel I have already taken one or more of these classes from a different institution?

You will need to submit a Course Equivalency Petition and transcripts to the Department Chair for approval to waive any courses. Only one class of the four, can be petitioned. The Course Equivalency Petition can be found under the Forms tab.

6. Can I take all 12 units at the same time?

No. SPED 401 is a pre-requisite to SPED 502 so you’ll need to take this class first. You may take any of the other classes in any order you wish. Recommended:  401 and 522,  then 502 and 533.

7. If I have an Education Specialist Credential with an Authorization to teach Moderate-Severe (or SH) credential, or an Early Childhood Special Education credential, do I need to get this authorization?

No, you have already had training in Autism!


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Page updated: March 30, 2017