Course Equivalency Petition

Course Equivalency Petition

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To have coursework evaluated:

  1. Complete petition and provide all necessary information.
  2. Attach transcript, self-addressed, stamped envelope, and copy of catalog page (if URL is not provided).  Petitions submitted without these items will be discarded without evaluation or notification.
  3. SUBMIT TO: Chair, Special Education, CP-570, Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA  92634.
  4. Allow four weeks for evaluation.

If approved, the student is responsible for placing a copy of this evaluation in their credential file.

Please review the California State Fullerton catalog description for the appropriate course before submitting paperwork.  For equivalency to be granted, the catalog description provided for the proposed course must (1) be for the same year that the course was completed; and (2) include all elements of the California State Fullerton course.  An official transcript is required. Equivalency is not granted for classroom experience. This petition may only be used for SPED courses.  All other coursework must be approved through the appropriate department.


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Page updated: July 16, 2014