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Current Student Advisement

If you are a student already admitted to the Special Education Department at CSU Fullerton, please contact your program coordinator for specific advisement.

Program Plans: Click here to go to Credential Program Plans page

Applying for a Credential:

If you want to apply for a credential you may contact the Credential Preparation Center at (657) 278-3205.

Registering for Courses:

If you are having registration problems you may contact the Admissions and Records Registration Helpline at (657) 278-7601.

Course Permits:

If a course requires you to have department consent, please email the instructor of the course and ask for their permission to obtain a permit to register for the specific course.

Course Withdrawal:

To withdrawal from a course contact the instructor and state your intention to withdraw first. Then pick up a REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL form from Admissions and Records. Fill out the form completely and honestly and hand it to your instructor to fill out at least one week before the deadline for withdrawal to maximize your chances of actually receiving a course withdrawal. The due date can be found by looking inside the semester class schedule or at the top of the withdrawal form. Once the form is completed by the instructor and yourself, the department chair must sign it and then it must be turned in by yourself to Admissions and Records.

Program Leave of Absence or Withdrawal:

To obtain a Leave of Absence, you must complete a Leave of Absence form located on the Graduate Studies website or in McCarthy Hall 103.  If you do not submit a Leave of Absence form and choose not to enroll in classes, you will be dropped from the university and the department.

Please email Allie Clark at if you have been admitted, but are unable to attend the credential program.

Advisement Resources

These resources are used at various points in the credential and graduate program.

  • Master of Science in Education Graduate Program
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Page updated: April 5, 2017