Current Students

Current Students

Please refer to this section throughout your journey with us here at the College of Education’s Special Education Department for questions about student services and resources that are available to you, as well as what to do once your nearing graduation and are ready to receive your credential and pursue your career in education.


This section discusses on how we provide advisement to current students either for Course registration, applying for credential,or course permits or any other information specific to the credential or graduate program. Please click to find out more on Advisement.

Financial Aid

Gives you a wealth of information on all the College of Education Student Resources. Click here to download COE Student Resources.


This section provides you with a handful of forms specific to the Special Education department. To name a few are the Classroom Observation forms, Special Education Competencies, Classroom TPE Observation forms and many more! Click to find out what other forms might be of importance to you!

Resource Links

This section takes you all the internal and external links that Special Education has to offer ! To name a few are the General Resources like the Americans with Disability Act, Autism, detailed information on Professional Development Schools and many more! Check out more on our Resources.


Gives you an overview on the Credential programs and Special Education graduate programs.Click to download the Handbooks.

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Page updated: March 15, 2013