Alumni Connections

The MSIDT Program has established a positive rapport with the MSIDT Alumni Chapter and interacts on a regular basis. The information presented on this site is designed to provide basic information about the MSIDT Alumni opportunities for program graduates who wish to continue their relationships with the California State University Fullerton by being an active member of the alumni organization.

Spotlight on Alumni

Visit the MSIDT Spotlight on Alumni page to read about the featured alumni and find out more about the success of our alumni.

MSIDT Alumni Association Objectives
There are five distinct objectives that guide the MSIDT Alumni Chapter.

  1. To facilitate social interaction and peer support among the members of the association.
  2. To serve as a vehicle of communication between the individual alumni, the Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association, the University and the MSIDT program.
  3. To promote the professional image and awareness of the instructional design field.
  4. To offer opportunities for professional networking.
  5. To assist with the educational experience for current MSIDT students, including mentoring opportunities between alumni and graduate students.

Professional Development Opportunities

An effective method of professional development are webinars. Each year the MSIDT Alumni Association hosts several webinars that feature instructional designers and current issues in the field of instructional design. The MSIDT members are responsible for deciding on the webinar topics that are meaningful and relevant its members. Among the more recent webinar topics included: Building Your Online Profile, Getting Started in Instructional Design, Gaming, Social Media, Converting Face-to-Face to Online Instruction, An Introduction to Personal Learning Networks.

Alumni Association Mission

The MSIDT Chapter’s purpose is to grow with the MSIDT program and adapt and change with the ever-expanding field of instructional design and technology in education, government, and the private sector.

Social Networking

In an effort to facilitate discussions and build network opportunities the MSIDT Alumni Chapter has established a group on Facebook and LinkedIn. A blog is available with updates and information for members of the MSIDT Alumni Chapter.

Alumni Scholarships

Each year the alumni raises funds and provides current students with scholarship opportunities to support education related expenses.

Alumni Careers

After a recent alumni survey we created a list of the companies and organizations that have hired our alumni. The list is extensive and impressive- MSIDT Alumni Employers.

Interested in learning more about the MSIDT Alumni Chapter?

Please visit the MSIDT Alumni Chapter information page, visit their Facebook page, or e-mail the MSIDT Alumni Chapter at

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Page updated: May 25, 2017