Visit Cal State ApplyOpens in new window to begin the admission process for the Master of Science program. Visit the university Admissions websiteOpens in new window for more detailed instructions on what information you'll need to apply to Cal State Fullerton at the university level. 

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 Application Deadline

We accept new students on a rolling basis, therefore, it is in your best interest to apply soon. 

Spring 2021 applications are now open! Deadline to apply for the spring is December 1, 2020. Please feel free to contact the program if you have any questions or concerns.



Admission Requirements

Please note that there is a GPA requirement for admission to CSUF of 2.5 cumulative undergraduate GPA resulting in a BA/BS degree from an accredited institution and a 3.0 GPA department requirement (GPAs within 2.5 and 3.0 could be accepted conditionally based on review of resume, essay and interview).You will be able to see what is required at the university level for Admissions and Records when you apply through the Cal State Apply site for Graduate Admissions. 

The MSIDT program does not require the GRE.

You can contact us regarding any program questions by email or call us at (657) 278-2842 or (657) 278-3639.

International Students: please see the admission's requirements listed on the International Admissions Page.


Application Process

To apply to the Master of Science program, please complete the formal online application to the university Cal State Apply website. Select the "Instructional Design and Technology program" at CSU Fullerton in the "Add Program" section of the application. You will receive a username and ID and then you can manage your own application process, primarily the submission and evaluation of your official transcripts. 

Admissions Checklist

  • Online application at Cal State Apply
  • The following submitted via "Program Materials" on the application or sent to the MSIDT email:
    • Resume - Please include your academic background, technology-related experience, and professional experience
    • Personal Statement Please submit a personal statement (500 word limit) indicating your reason for choosing the M.S. in Instructional Design & Technology program at CSU Fullerton, and your future academic and professional goals.
  • Financial Aid - Although you may not need financial support at the time of your application, it is best to apply just in case your needs change. FAFSA website here:
  • Official transcripts sent to:
    California State University, Fullerton
    Admissions Office
    P.O. Box 6900
    Fullerton, CA 92834-6900
    OR email them to: 

After submitting your application:

You will be contacted by a staff or faculty member of the program to set up a phone interview. Upon completion of the phone interview, the MSIDT program will continuously check on the status of official transcripts. Once all transcripts are collected, an admissions committee will review your application. An answer will be given as early as a week after the review process. 

If you need any help with the application, please call us at  (657) 278-2842. Please contact the CSUF Admissions help line at (657) 278-7601 for application issues.



There is a fee to apply via Cal State Apply (search the Cal State Apply FAQ for "fee" for the current cost). For cost of program attendance, see program tuition and fees.

All graduate students who intend to enroll at CSU Fullerton must accept their offer of admission and pay a non-refundable $250 enrollment deposit. The deposit will offset a portion of your registration fees for the first semester.  You must accept admission and pay your enrollment deposit through your student portal, within the Student Center.  Under the Admissions area of the Student Center, click on the Application Status link. The Accept/Decline button will be displayed. Click on the Accept/Decline button to accept your admission to CSU Fullerton.  Accepting admission and paying the enrollment deposit are required to confirm your intent to enroll at CSU Fullerton.


Financial Aid

You may apply for Financial Aid, even if you are not already admitted to the university. Follow the instructions on 

FAFSA link:


Check your ADMISSION status

If you have already applied to the university, you may check your admission status by following the instructions listed on the Admissions website for prospective students. Please check frequently during the application process. Questions about the status of transcripts can be directed to the Admissions department at