Frequently Asked MSEDAD Questions

  1. What are the delivery formats for the M.S. Educational Administration (MSEDAD)/Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program (PASC)?
    • Online/Hybrid Program: The online/hybrid program is in an asynchronous environment and meets face to face three Saturdays per semester.
    • Traditional/Face to Face Program: Designed for classroom learners, the traditional program meets weekly on a given weekday afternoon and evening.
  2. For my transcripts, do I need to request them even if I only took one class?
    Yes! You need to request official transcripts from non-CSUF institutions, and have them sent to Cal State Fullerton, Admissions & Records, P.O. Box 6900, Fullerton, CA 92834. It is imperative that Admissions and Records receive your official transcripts without delay, or you risk admittance into the University. If your transcripts do not have your current schedule and/or previous semester/quarter completed grades, please submit what you have, and send the final transcripts at a later date.
  3. If I don’t have 5 years of teaching experience, am I still eligible?
    If the applicant has other professional experience in student services, we can consider the application. However, it is important that the applicant understands the reasons for our preference for 5 year teaching/pupil service experience in our admissions requirements. First, students will better contribute and reap the benefits of the program when they have had professional teaching, counseling, student services, or school leadership experience. Second, the California Teaching Commission (CTC) requires at least 5 years of teaching experience to qualify for a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The CTC also provides guidelines about which other in-school professional experience qualifies for consideration. You can review those guidelines by clicking here.
  4. Can I take one class per term (3 units)?
    No, the program is delivered in a cohort model, and all students take the same 2 classes (6 units) per term.
  5. What is the difference in coursework between the M.S. Educational Administration degree and the PASC program?
    Candidates for the M.S. degree must complete a capstone project which involved 6 additional units (one more term) of coursework.
  6. When do cohorts start?
    New cohorts begin in the Fall and in the Spring (when there is a demand). Please email our office to confirm whether applications are being considered for a Spring cohort.
  7. How long is the program?
    The M.S. in Educational Administration/PASC Program is 5 semesters long, including at least one summer session (depending on whether the program started in the fall or spring). The PASC-only program is 4 semesters only.
  8. Is it possible to only pursue the PASC program and not the M.S. in Educational Administration?
    We require that applicants hold a Master’s in Education to pursue the PASC-only program. If you already hold a Master’s degree, you may pursue the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential only. Students who have completed their Master’s at Cal State Fullerton in one concentration and wish to complete another within the same degree program will not be awarded a second degree. If you do not have an M.S. or M.A in a related field, then you must complete the M.S. Educational Administration.
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Page updated: October 16, 2017