M.S. Educational Administration candidates complete 30 units in 5 terms (2 years). PASC-only students complete 24 units in 4 terms (1.5 years). Students in both programs attend classes in summer terms. Students can enroll in either the online hybrid or face-to-face format.


Online/ Hybrid Program

Online classes meet three Saturday sessions per semester on campus face-to-face.  The rest of the coursework takes place online in an asynchronous environment.

Traditional Face-to-Face Program

Classes meet one afternoon/evening per week on campus. In the summer, students meet two days per week.



Term One: (M.S. and PASC-only)

    • EDAD 505 – Instructional Leadership & Assessment A
    • EDAD 567 – Foundation for Learning through Equity

Term Two: (M.S. and PASC-only)

    • EDAD 510 – Instructional Leadership & Assessment B
    • EDAD 566 – Community Engagement for School Leaders

Term Three: (M.S. and PASC-only)

    • EDAD 503 – Organizational Leadership & Management A
    • EDAD 561 – Political Leadership

Term Four: (M.S. and PASC-only)

    • EDAD 503 – Organizational Leadership & Management B
    • EDAD 567 – Fieldwork

Term Five: (M.S. candidates only)

    • EDAD 597 – Project


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Page updated: July 1, 2016