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Phone: 657-278-3963

Dr. Jennifer Goldstein



Dr. Goldstein's areas of specialization are educational policy and leadership, in particular teacher leadership. Her work focuses on improving the quality of teachers and teaching in schools serving low-income children and children of color. She has published two books and numerous articles on teacher peer review, including in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis and Teachers College Record. Her current work involves nested practitioner action research through LEAD, an innovative partnership between CSUF, AUHSD, and the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.

Podcast interview

AUHSD Future Talks: Episode 78 (Dr. Jennifer Goldstein)

In this episode of AUHSD Future Talks, Superintendent Matsuda interviews Dr. Jennifer Goldstein, CSUF Professor of Educational Leadership in the College of Education and Director of LEAD. During the talk, Dr. Goldstein discusses her educational journey and drivers, teaching to the whole child, assets vs. deficits driven education, the LEAD program, breaking through the status quo of higher education, advice to aspiring school leaders, and advantages of the LEAD program.

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