Teacher Pathway Extended Support


The Teacher Pathway Extended Support provides Teacher Pathway transfer students with student-centered services and opportunities aimed at empowering students to continue their pathway to teaching at Cal State Fullerton and strive to strengthen their academic, personal, and professional goals to be successful in completing their baccalaureate degree and continue to the teaching credential. Students are connected with the Center for Careers in Teaching to develop a plan of study, become involved in professional associations, have opportunities to build social networks, attend free workshops to build skills, and have opportunities for experiential learning.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Teacher Pathway Extended Support is to support and facilitate transfer students’ transition and integration into the college campus, and empower students to continue their pathway to teaching to successfully complete the baccalaureate degree and continue to the teaching credential. This program reinforces soft and hard skills development through workshops, assists in educational plans by connecting students to the Center for Careers in Teaching, promotes professional development, networking opportunities, experiential learning experiences, and provides a sense of community to foster the holistic development of the student.

Have a Study Plan

  • Receive FREE advisement from the Center for Careers in Teaching
  • Create study plan each semester to reach academic and career goalstt2

Build Social & Professional Networks

  • Meet faculty, teacher candidates, and peers with your same interests!
  • Attend Dr. Linton’s class

Get Involved

  • Join the Student California Teachers Association (CSTA) for FREE
  • Join other teacher professional associations
  • Attend local/out of state conferences and receive networking opportunities

Build your skills

  • Attend FREE workshops to build soft and hard skills for academic, personal, and professional development
  • Receive a certificate for completing 5 workshops in the school year!


Adelita Rivera
Lupe Mendoza
2600 Nutwood Ave, Suite 520,
Fullerton, CA 92831
Phone: (657)278-8510
E-mail: teacherpathway@fullerton.edu


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Page updated: February 3, 2016