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MASTERS ONLY PROGRAMS: We are accepting applications for the Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. Options include a focus in 21st Century Teaching Learning (100% online), an emphasis in Social Justice (100% online) or emphasis in Early Childhood Education (Hybrid – online and in person).  For more information about these programs, please contact our adviser at  We are also accepting applications for the 100% online Curriculum and Instruction concentration Educational Technology program.  For more information, please contact Dr. Loretta Donovan  ( . 

MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL or COMBINED MASTERS/MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL PROGRAMS: We will continue to accept completed applications for fall 2017 until the program is full.  Have you attended the mandatory in-person credential program overview?

The Multiple Subject Credential program offers three certificates. Certificate programs provide the opportunity for candidates to take courses that enhance their understanding in a particular area.

The MSCP application asks for applicants to indicate an area of interest (see below for more information).  All cohorts integrate all three areas of interest. However, some cohorts place a greater emphasis in specific areas, which leads to a certificate. Selecting an area does not guarantee inclusion in a particular cohort. Cohort placements are determined by enrollment and availability factors.

Language and Intercultural Awareness

This certificate can be earned by candidates who participate in the Bilingual Authorization block but who are not bilingual in English/Spanish.  Candidates will focus on the linguistic and cultural needs of the Spanish speaking community in the United States to enhance their ability to teach and work with Latino students and families.  There is a focus on cross-cultural relations to better prepare candidates to work with the many cultures in California.  Candidates take one additional course, EDEL 541 which focuses on the culture and history of Latinos in the United States and which may be applied to a Master’s degree. Please check the box next to Spanish Language and Culture on the Multiple Subject application.


This certificate can be earned by candidates who participate in a technology block. We live in a digital age with incredible human potential. The 21st century is full of new ideas and problems and we are essentially preparing candidates for jobs that have not yet been invented and solutions not yet imagined. Candidates will learn how to use digital technologies to enrich instruction and prepare students for life in the 21st century. Please check the box next to technology on the Multiple Subject application.


This certificate can be earned by candidates who participate in an arts block. Life in the 21st century requires a new set of aptitudes. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation are essential to success. Candidates will learn how to use the visual arts, drama, and music to help students synthesize, empathize, design, and make meaning out of knowledge. Please check the box next to arts on the Multiple Subject application.

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Page updated: March 4, 2015