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Are you bilingual?

There is a great need for bilingual teachers who can communicate with students and parents in their native language and who can help other teachers understand the cultures of the home – please see our online overview for more information (PowerPoint).

Participating in the Spanish Bilingual Authorization program will:

  • increase a candidate’s marketability as a prospective teacher
  • provide the opportunity to improve academic Spanish language skills
  • enhance the ability to contribute to the Latino community
  • provide the opportunity to become part of a bilingual-bicultural learning community

Information About the Bilingual Authorization:

  • Two additional courses are required (offered during the summer only)
  • Candidates should have Spanish language skills at the intermediate to advanced level (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  • Candidates who do not speak Spanish but are interested in enhancing their teaching and learning through the course work offered by this program can obtain a certificate in Spanish Language and Culture.

Candidates interested in obtaining a bilingual authorization or certificate should indicate this on the MSCP application.

Adding A Bilingual Authorization Credential

If an applicant has already obtained a California Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential and would like to add a Bilingual Authorization, he/she is required to take EDEL 446 and EDEL 541 (typically offered during the summer) to complete the requirements.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Lisa Winstead, Bilingual Authorization Coordinator (

The Bilingual Teacher Newsletter

For Information on Bilingual Teaching (from former students’ perspectives) and scholarships, please contact  Los Maestro Alumni Chapter

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Page updated: March 5, 2015